7 Signs You Need To Call a Plumber

7 Signs You Need To Call a Plumber

Having plumbing problems can be very frustrating, especially when you need to use the kitchen faucet, shower, or toilet. Some common plumbing issues include clogged toilets, clogged drain, slow draining bathtub, leaky pipes, and low water pressure in the shower.

Some of these plumbing problems are easily fixable, while some require professional expertise. It is best to seek professional help as attempting to fix it may cause further damage to those who have no plumbing experience. Getting a good professional plumber helps save a lot of time and money. Here are warning signs that indicate the need for a plumber.

Low Water Pressure

Experiencing low water pressure is a sign that a lot of gunk has accumulated in the faucet’s aerator. This plumbing issue is resolved by scraping off the goo. If the water pressure is still low, there might be a leak in the system. It can also be an indicator that the pipes are fractured. Trying to fix the problem by poking inside the faucet may cause more damage, further increasing the plumbing expenses. Calling a plumber is the best alternative. Searching online for plumbers near me will help find available plumbers and their contacts.

Dripping Faucet

A dripping faucet leads to water wastage and is also an unnecessary expense on your water bill. Taps start dripping when the interior parts are damaged. This problem may be resolved by replacing the faucet, a task best left to the plumbers. Getting professional plumbing services will have this problem fixed before it brings about irreparable damage.

Slow Draining sink and bathtub

Having a sink or bathtub that slowly drains the water indicates that there are substances that have clogged the plumbing. Several items can clog the pipes like food disposed of in the sink that has accumulated over time, hair, toys, and rodents. Plumbers have tools that they can use to unclog the line. They make use of a tool known as the drain snake that extends far down the drain to remove the troublesome clogs efficiently. Rather than waste precious time trying to do it yourself and end up causing further damage, it is best to reach out to a plumber.

Serious Back-flow Issues

Back-flow issues may cause severe damage to the floor and other floor furnishings. A decrease in water pressure brings about these issues. Low water pressure makes the water to reverse its downward flow. Having sewer water come back up the drain is not an ideal situation considering it has an unpleasant odor. Hiring a professional plumber ensures this issue is quickly resolved.

Unavailability of Water

Water unavailability is an indicator that a plumber is urgently needed. Various plumbing issues may prevent water from reaching your home. One such point may be an undiscovered leak in the pipes or blockage. Figuring out exactly where the problem is maybe tricky because most plumbing is concealed under the wall’s house. A professional plumber can pinpoint the situation with ease and quickly find a solution.

Burst Pipes

Pipes can burst, especially during winter, when the water inside the pipes freezes. Uncovering which lines are affected is not an easy task. Reaching out to a professional plumber prevents costly damages that may be brought about by flooding. A plumber can quickly uncover the source of the problem and stop the leak, saving a lot of time in the process.

Murky Water

Water that is not clear is indicative of an underlying problem. When water pipes are corroded with copper and iron, the water’s color may turn brown, blue, or green. This occurrence means that it is time to replace the pipes. A professional plumber will efficiently replace the water pipe. Conducting an online search for Plumbers Near Me can help in locating plumbers within the area.

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