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A look at topics for apartment living, including decorating, space-saving ideas and personalizing rental space.

The Scandinavian design – incorporation of simple beauty and functionality

If you love simplicity, minimalism and functionality, then the Scandinavian design is just the right choice for you. Originally, the term “Scandinavian design” derives from a design show which goes under the same name from 1954 to 1957. The very same show establishes the meaning behind the name of the term as beautiful, functional, inspired by the Nordic nature and...

Attic Spaces to Love

A multi-purpose room in an attic space
When you think of an attic, do you envision a dark cavernous space filled with neglected furniture and dusty corners occupied by spiders?  Well, the rooms featured here are not dark, dreary, dust-filled spaces.  These attic rooms have been converted to bedrooms, recreation rooms, children's playrooms, retreats and even apartments.  Odd angles, interesting window niches or dormers all make these...

How to add style and creativity to your home with mirrors

elegant living room enriched with mirrors
The mirrors are one of the most elegant, fascinating, useful, but, sometimes, underestimated decorating elements. A mirror can be a real piece of art and an original furniture that can give charme, character, style and personality to every single room of an house. Another plus of using mirrors to decorate your home, is their ability to reflect light, to...

Decorating Your Apartment Balcony

A sunny balcony
Apartment living has its pros and cons.  Private outdoor space can be considered both an advantage and disadvantage.  The advantage is no yard work.  The disadvantage is no yard.  Wherever you live, there is a desire to personalize the space, indoor and outdoor.  Living in an apartment is no exception.  Although apartment living does have its restrictions, you can...

7 Ways to Make the Most of Loft Space

A loft that uses vertical space effectively
Loft living has many advantages but can pose a challenge when decorating and allocating for storage.  It may require creative thinking when it comes to specific layout.  Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your loft space and reap the full rewards of loft living. Go vertical.  With high ceilings at a premium in loft...

Space Saving Pet Toy Storage Ideas

There comes a point when your lovable pet begins to create some pet peeves that will drive you bonkers. Most homeowners come to terms with several as they present themselves over time. What's the biggest pet peeve your adorable fur friend can cause? Well, let's just say it revolves around his unlikeliness to not only create many messes, but...

14 Stylish Bedroom Ideas for the Modern Man

Stylish masculine bedroom (mediacoolerinc.com)
According to Stephen Covey, “the challenge of work-life balance is without question one of the most significant struggles faced by the modern man”. After a long day of work,one needs a moment of peace and quiet. A welcoming bedroom, clutter free, to unclutter one's mind. A bedroom that's easy to clean, therefore easy to maintain. You're looking at an...

Turn Your Loft into a Home

When you think of a loft you no doubt imagine an open industrial space with high ceilings and large windows that look out over the city.  For many, this is the perfect place to call home.  The challenge is in decorating the space.  Decorating a loft is all about space management.           When faced with a blank loft space, decide...

Space Saving Beds for Small Apartments

Beautiful space saving bed (www.lunchboxarchitect.com)
Small living has its perks. However, decorating it provides an extra challenge. When decorating a small place, there is usually compromise needed. You may have to give up your dream wine cellar, your big TV or your classic dining room. Space saving beds offer a solution to this problem by creating convertible rooms. You can create a home cinema...

Bedroom with a view

We all want the perfect home but rather often than not we lack the time or money to achieve it. The only thing that can guarantee us something as close as perfect is a beautiful view every time we open our eyes. So why not check out the following bedrooms with stunning views and see what you’re missing out? As...

Interior Storage Solutions for Bicycles

Cyclists that live in apartments or small spaces know that they must get creative in order to safely store their bicycles.  Here are a few functional and stylish interior storage solutions for bicycles. Make your own bicycle racks.  An old pair of handlebars and a bicycle seat transformed into a rack make a quirky and sturdy storage solution. Hang them from...

Create Your Own Kitchen Herb Garden

Food without herbs and spices is plain. Fresh herbs add color, taste and a sensational aroma. On top of that, the fragrance of freshly cut herbs complements the the smell of freshly cooked goodies. According to star chef Curtis Stone, growing your own herbs has numerous benefits. Among them is the feeling of satisfaction and pride. “I like being...

Tips for choosing the right lamp for every room

The lamp is probably the most neglected but utterly important thing in every room.  The correctly lit room may reflect not only to the room itself, but to the whole appearance of your home. Read on and steal some of the listed ideas below for your own house. The focal point in choosing the right lights is to be aware...

Space-saving Solutions for Small Homes

Good things come in small packages and your home is no exception.  Living large in a small space is all about utilizing every bit of space to the maximum.  Space-saving solutions for small homes begin with smart storage, a bit of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking thrown in for good measure.           A small space feels safe and comforting.  Instead of...

Dead singer Prince’s incredible $17 million house up for sale: Take a look inside

Prince's house
There’s a lot that can be said about Prince Roger Nelson, aka Prince, aka The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. Whichever name you remember him by best, he’s left a whole lot of stories, music that we grew up to, and an incredible sense of style. Prince's 14,280 square foot Toronto mansion is now on the market for $12.7 million....

Romantic Ideas for your Nursery Cots

Having a baby is a wonderful time in your life. Whether it is your first or more, the magic never fades. Nurseries are a hidden gem in interior design, and an often overlooked one. The central piece of your nursery will probably be your cot or cradle (depending on whether you are opting directly for a cotbed or not). There...

Indoor swings for swinging home

Everybody wants a modern, unique home where they feel comfortable and at ease. With the next few suggestions for indoor swings you can easily turn this dream into reality. You only have to turn on your imagination and turn off your fear of failure. Choosing hanging furniture you have to keep several things in mind. First, indoor swings are suitable for...

8 ideas for home bars that you’ll adore – Part two

Here are the next four ideas for home bars that we’re sure you’ll fall in love with. If you missed out the first article don’t wait but check it out here! So if you like the idea of having a home bar without all the people and noise of the night clubs, then you have to try out some of...