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Transform your bathroom into a spa-like space and learn about new and noteworthy advancements in technology for bathroom design. How to create powder rooms brimming with style.

Bathtub Safety Tips For Your Home

A bath tub or steam shower is a specialized container for holding hot water where a person or animal could bathe. Most modern bathtubs are made out of fiberglass-reinforced porcelain, steel or ceramic porcelain, or cast iron. There are a wide array of styles of tubs and showers. The most popular of these is the wall-mounted tub. Wall-mounted bath tubs...

Organizing Your Bathroom in Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian bathroom
Scandinavian designs borrow from the natural beauty of Northern Europe. So your Scandinavian bathroom should feature natural wood mixed with bright accents, a bathing unit, and vanity, all arranged in minimalist space. White and Beige are standard shades in Scandi bathrooms, but you can get as creative as blue, yellow, purple, grey, and so on. The Key Features of Scandi Style So...

Bathroom Renovation Tips and Suggestions

The bathroom is a place for softness and comfort and if you have come to the decision that it is time for a revamp, there is a lot to consider. While you want your bathroom to be functional, you also want a degree of luxury, and with so many styles and colours to choose from, it can be a...

The 9 Features of a Complete Scandinavian Bathroom

Scandinavian Bathroom design
If you admire a Scandinavian kitchen, then you must have fallen in love with it for its beautiful minimalism and functionality. Scandi-style bathrooms are not any different; they are a unique way to add extra comfort, luxury, and fashion to your bathing space. Since time immemorial, scandi designs have transformed in many ways, but these four major characteristics have remained...

Tiling by Style: Which Style for Your Craftsman Bathroom?

This gorgeous classic bathroom design screams luxury and elegance with its choice of materials and finishes
Everyone is inspired by art and craft in a way—which is the theme that reigns in a Craftsman bathroom. And if you think you are immune, then maybe this post will bring out the craftsmanship in you. The craftsman-style brings back the old and rustic appeal and uses the elements of architecture wisely to create a purposeful bathing area. Natural and...

The 3-Minute Guide to a Perfect Craftsman-Style Bathroom

This craftsman bathroom has a unique layout, featuring an open shower are which is directly connected to the square bathtub in the middle
If you’ve decided to go Craftsman-style on your bathroom, then it’s natural to want to learn the style in detail.   The Craftsman’s style combines nature and simplicity with traditional art & craft. It also relies partly on architectural elements to create a beautiful and functional bathing space. A Craftsman-style bathroom is all about traditional old-style craftsmanship. You want to keep it...

Bathroom Graffiti: Mere Vandalism or Deep Stories Written on a Bathroom Stall?

I’ve never seen a public restroom that didn’t have some sort of graffiti to distract me as I did my business. As I read a Confucius quote written next to a drawing of a deceased pigeon on a worn out partition panel, I begin to wonder about the psychology of all these graffiti and how public restroom owners can...

How to Design a Bathroom You’re Going to Love

Design Bathroom
Are you trying to design a dream bathroom, but you need some help? Read this article to learn how to design a bathroom you'll love. Is your bathroom looking dull and dated? Does it need a serious makeover? You can take your bathroom from drab to dreamy, with a few fundamental design tips. Whether you're hiring a professional to remodel and design...

Penny Tile Bathroom: 8 Design Ideas for an Outstanding Result

black and white penny tile
Penny tiles can be said to be a Jill of all trades. Used carefully, pennies can fit well into many of your rooms, such as the kitchen, bathroom, hallways, etc. And when installed, they often bring beautiful eye-catching results and unmatched functionality. Penny tiles are particularly a master on walls and floors. That means you can never go wrong regardless...

A Sneaky Great Purchase for Your Bathroom That You’ll Enjoy Every Day

Bathroom Small Indoor Garden
In the last few decades, bathrooms have conceptually evolved. There was a time when bathrooms were casually built areas of a home, work or public space. Today, most of them are standardized for the better.  Even though bathrooms for houses or apartments are built pretty well these days, designing the bathroom for additional comfort is completely at the homeowner’s or...

 3 Ways to Get More Light into Your Bathroom

Light Bathroom
The bathroom is generally the smallest room in the house. It is often ignored by most homeowners, giving it the last place when designing the home. However, if you are guilty of this, then you are missing out on so much. It is in the bathroom that you get ready every morning, and unwind with a nice relaxing bath...

 Tips to Improve the Look of Your Bathroom

improve bathroom
The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a house, but it can quickly start looking a bit stale. After a period of time, the bath towels and the plain white tiles can lose their charm. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to improve the look of your bathroom before going all out and spending money on...

How a Floating Vanity Instantly Adds More Space in Your Bathroom

Elegant white bathroom interior with big window, wooden floor and two washbasins
If your house has limited bathroom space, you know more than most do, that every square inch counts. Nevertheless, have you ever stopped to think just how much room your traditional vanity occupies? Do you know that you can make it more space-efficient? Floating vanity started as a minimalist design statement, but soon blossomed into a movement. Read on to...

10 Smart Ideas to Store More in Your Bathroom

White and blue bathroom interior
Does it take your visitors more than a minute to find essentials in the bathroom? Well, perhaps you should think about reorganizing your bathroom. Learning how to make the most out of your space without being messy is an artform, regardless of the size of room you have. Today, we have ten solid ideas and tips to conquer the...

Creative Bathroom Tiles Ideas You’ll Be Tempted to Try

Bathroom sink of an upscale home/Horizontal shot of an elegant, polished and clean sink in an upscale home with colorful green tiling
Minimalist bathroom tiles and trends may be here to stay, but if you are tired of staring at plain tiles every time you sit on your toilet, now is the time to give your boring design a splash of style. With countless options, however, it can be difficult to know where to start. Tiles come in numerous colors and...

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas to Transform Your Space

bathroom with ornate wallpaper
Bathroom wallpaper are known as excellent tools for transforming a room effortlessly and without taking up usable space. This factor makes them particularly suited for bathrooms, where space-efficiency and functionality are crucial. Whether you are into romantic florals, playful fabrics or modern geometrics, wallpapers can be a great way to inject style into your bathroom without splurging on an...

Small and Functional Bathroom Design Ideas for Cozy Homes

Modern bathroom interior with city view and blank poster on wall.
Looking for bathroom design ideas to give your small space a much-needed makeover? Are you perhaps planning to design your little heaven from scratch? Well, get ready to be wowed by some inspiring bathroom design ideas and tips. Living spaces have been getting smaller each year and it is increasingly becoming a challenge to create enough room and feel...

Do it Yourself – How to Refresh the Tiles in the Bathroom

Changing the bathroom tiles fall into the category of home decor that is not a favorite toanyone. It's a job that requires a lot of work and isn't a cheap endeavor. Plus, once you've laid the tiles, you certainly don't expect to change them for at least ten years. If you find yourself in a situation where bathroom tiles are...