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Transform your bathroom into a spa-like space and learn about new and noteworthy advancements in technology for bathroom design. How to create powder rooms brimming with style.

6 Items That Should Be on Your Home Bucket List

What's on your Home Bucket List?
We all make bucket lists in our mind about the places we want to see and the things we want to do before we leave this world.  Now let’s consider the home bucket list.  This is not about the chores and repairs needed.  This is a list of those things that we dream about related to our home.  Here...

15 Examples of Opulence And Elegance: Bathrooms With Fireplace

A bathroom with a fireplace? Yes, please! Such a bathroom is very cozy and relaxing – just imagine! Two elements for you to enjoy your rest! The styles may be very different, and a fireplace would fit into any interior. Have a look at the examples:

How To Create The Perfect Pastel Bathroom

Because of their soothing and cooling features, pastel colours across the whole spectrum are a fun and ideal choice for bathroom decoration. The trend exploded in the 1980s, but has developed since then into a fun and contemporary option that can work in any home. Neutral pastels like nude and peach tones provide an elegant backdrop for your bathroom and...

Monograms Add the Personal Touch in Your Home

Monogrammed bedding adds a personal touch
Monograms are a distinct way to add personalization to your home.  Monogrammed linens, bedding, pillows and other home accents are classic and provide a subtle way to mark future family heirlooms or to just personalize items for a classic look. The monogram originated as a royal seal, then was simply used by artists to identify their work.  The Victorian era...

Bathroom Upgrades for a More Efficient, Beautiful Space

A stunning bathroom
The bathroom in the modern home takes on many uses throughout the day.  It is typically the first room you see after you wake up and the last you see before you go to bed.  Why shouldn’t it be more than just tired old tile and linoleum with basic fixtures?  Here are ways to upgrade your bathroom to create...

Open Bathroom Concept for Master Bedrooms

Open bathroom concept
There is a trend in home design now for an open bathroom concept in the master bedroom.  This trend has evolved from a modern take on the home interior, where accessibility is key.  That’s not to say you still can’t have a modicum of privacy within this space.  It’s all in how you plan to use the space and...

4 eccentric ways to light your bathroom

If you want to have a bathroom like no other, than you surely have to check out our next 4 eccentric ways to light your bathroom. When it comes to deciding on lightning fixtures for the bathroom we rarely think long and hard about it. However, if you have read our article Tips for choosing the right lamp for every...

The Allure of Decorating with Glass Jars

Glass jars and canisters are making their way out of the kitchen and into other areas of the home as decorative display vessels. These highly versatile containers make the perfect decorative element in the living room, home office and bathroom.  They hold treasures, office supplies, soaps and are perfect for displaying collections and plants.  Available in a variety of...

Decorating with Purple

Purple is associated with royalty and spirituality.  Derived from red and blue, purple is both warm and cool, making it a highly versatile color to use in decorating.   Deep amethyst purple is sumptuous and mysterious, eliciting a regal air when applied to walls and furnishings.  Light lavender is romantic and feminine, lending a soft elegance to a room.  Decorating...

A New Age of Bathrooms

In a world of constant demands and fast-paced living, more and more people are turning to home for relaxation.  This translates into bathrooms that provide a spa-like experience.  Technology has brought design into a new age of bathrooms, complete with programmable showers, touch-activated faucets, light therapy tubs, and countless luxuries.           Left photo, Acero chromatherapy whirlpool tub by Jacuzzi Bathrooms have...

Decorating with Blue and White

Cool, crisp, clean, fresh and time-honored is the appeal of blue and white.  Blue and white has long been a popular choice of color scheme for the home and exudes a charm all its own.  It is appropriate for any room in the house and falls right into the current blue trend.                 Left photo designer Eileen Kathryn Boyd...

Ideas for a Bold and Beautiful Powder Room

  The powder room is the one room in the house where you can really push the decorating envelope.  It is a small space and does not require a large amount of resources.  It doesn’t receive the traffic that other rooms in the house do.  The powder room is a space where you can truly let your creativity run wild. ...

Design Ideas from Extraordinary Bathrooms

Follow some of the design patterns of the bold bathrooms mentioned in this article to make a statement. From onyx walls to chandelier: create a spectacular image for your bathroom! Moroccan Tile Bathroom Use Moroccan tiles to create an amazing bathroom. Add in the mirror, x-shaped scone with a vintage sink to make it luxurious. Boating Bathroom There is no other way to...

Unique Showers for Any Bathroom

We all want to have that experience where our bathroom makes us feel as though we are in a 5 star hotel or a European spa. Sadly, these aren't viable living options, but we can certainly mold our home to emulate these types of destinations. That's for sure. Take a look at the showers below to give you inspiration...

Totally Awesome Hand Towel Hangers

  Once you own your own house, you realize just how often you go through certain items like dish rags, blankets, wash cloths, and towels. That's why you see many home owners that have their own closet devoted to linens that they can easily grab to replace others, whether they are just dirty from use or can no longer be...

Eclectic Tile Designs

Tiles are a quick and easy way to decorate your home without worrying about what a spilled drink or fallen spaghetti will do to it. Tiles are one of the best floors you can have in your home as they are sturdy, smooth and easy to clean or replace, unlike carpeting or hardwood floors.  Most homeowners just consider tiles...

Bathroom Mirror Remodels as Money Makers

Most realtors will tell you that there are two main rooms in a house that can amp up the value big time. First, the kitchen. As for the second most important room requiring remodeling... the bathroom. Redesigning these rooms, let alone any room, can cost a lot of money but promise great rewards. Not everyone is able to afford...

Fun Stripe Designs for your Wall

Not all homes are made of the same frame, shape or size, so why must all walls be of one color? Consider spicing up your living, dining, cooking or sleeping space with some vertical or horizontal stripes to add flair. You can add stripes to just one wall or all of your walls to create a unique and inviting...