Designer Focus: Alexa Hampton

Interior Designer Alexa Hampton
Alexa Hampton is a leading interior designer and daughter of the iconic Mark Hampton.  She is the owner of her father's company in New York, Mark Hampton, LLC.  Aside from interiors, Ms. Hampton designs furniture, fabric, lighting and carpet collections.  Her design aesthetic is classic and beautiful, catering to those that prefer a traditional sense of style. Alexa Hampton prescribes to what...

Designer Focus: Jamie Drake

Interior Designer Jamie Drake
Interior designer Jamie Drake is no stranger to color.  His interiors vibrate with energy and personality.  He uses color fearlessly and intuitively to connect the spaces he designs.  He merges traditional style with contemporary in a seamless blend.  He describes his style as "confident, bold, nuanced and witty" (source: House Beautiful).  Take a moment to immerse yourself in some...

Designer Focus: Megan Winters

Interior Designer Megan Winters
Megan Winters is an American interior designer noted for her haute couture interiors.  She brings elevated style and charisma to rooms with a bold and sophisticated edge.  Enjoy some of the designer's distinct interiors with this installment of Designer Focus:  Megan Winters. Megan Winters parlayed her creative influence into a high-end printing firm after earning her MBA from the University of...
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