Learn about furniture and how to arrange and decorate with different styles. Gain new appreciation for classic pieces and discover new designs.

Curved Sofas for a Cozy and Welcoming Seating Area

Curve sofa makes for a cozy room
Curves are a pleasing shape in the home - the soft curve of an arm rest or a chair, the curve of bent wood or even the walls of a certain room.  Curved sofas appear welcoming and cozy.  They are graceful and charming or modern and hip.  If you have a living room that is challenging to arrange or...

Outdoor Daybeds for the Ultimate Backyard Relaxation

Outdoor daybed for backyard relaxation
There is nothing quite like a lazy summer day.  One way to enjoy the day relaxing is on an outdoor daybed.  Fresh air, a warm breeze and the scent of the garden immerse you in the outdoor experience.  Doze away or snuggle up with a good book in these outdoor daybeds for the ultimate backyard relaxation. A cozy garden enclosure makes for...

The Versatility and Allure of Leather Seating

Leather seating in the modern home
Leather seating is a classic that fits into every style.  Whether you prefer the classic tufted Chesterfield sofa or the smooth lines of a modern design, leather seating is a comfortable and stylish feature in interiors.  Here we look at the versatility and allure of leather seating in the modern home. Leather seating fits well within the industrial styled home.  It...

Two Resale Value Boosting Solutions for Unused Spaces

Small butler's pantry (madebymood)
Unused or empty spaces can be seen as spacious and open when it looks strategic however sometimes to potential buyers or visitors it can look lazy or unfinished. These spaces look as if there was meant to be something there but is completely empty. This once boring space can be utilized in ways that are luxurious and impressive. Here...

Creating Space with Ghost and Mirror Furniture

Ghost chairs and mirrors in a salon (interiorclassics)
There are two types of space in an interior: Actual space and Implied space. Actual space is obviously walking space, space that is not occupied by anything. Implied space is space that is not real, but gives the illusion of space even when there is something there. The best example of implied space is a mirror, although this is...

18 Stylish Bar Stools for Your Kitchen

Wood and iron bar stools lend a rustic touch to this modern kitchen
The kitchen island is often a gathering spot in the home.  It is a place where casual meals are shared, homework is done, party guests mingle with the host and meals are prepared.  For such a central spot, it is important to have stylish and functional seating.  Here are eighteen stylish bar stools for your kitchen to give it a welcoming and unique character. The modern...

Seating 101: Choosing Between Sofa Styles

Mid-Century Modern living room (belfortfurniturebuzz).
A sofa is a sofa is a sofa, right? Absolutely not! This attitude can lead to over-paying, clashing furniture, and confusion. We are proud to present "Seating 101", a guide to the most popular sofa styles from which you can learn not only the names of the sofa but the origin, approximate price range, and style it best befits. Chesterfield Does this...

Tree Trunk Furniture and Interior Features Bring Nature Home

Tree trunk tables bring nature home
Natural wood has a universal appeal in interiors of all styles.  It adds texture and gives a space warmth.  Now let's go one step further and look at tree trunks that function as furniture.  When you really want to add a touch of nature to your interiors, utilizing these unique pieces is one way to accomplish that.  Tree trunk furniture...

Unique Bathroom Vanities to Add Character

Floating bathroom vanity
One of the best ways to add individuality to your bathroom is to add a unique vanity.  Whether you are updating, finishing a new bathroom or simply want to change things, consider unique bathroom vanities to add character.  Here are a few imaginative bathroom vanities to inspire you to reinvent your own. Repurposing furniture and other items is a great way to create a...

Living Bold with Vibrant Upholstery

Vibrant upholstery
Make a bold statement in your home with vibrant upholstery.  Mix and match patterns and play with colors to infuse your rooms with life.  Have fun with bright solid colors, floral, geometric, abstract prints, stripes, polka-dots and plaid.  Living bold with vibrant upholstery is fun and stylish.  Here are ways to enjoy bold upholstered pieces in your home. Try out a mixed pattern...

11 Great Ideas for Repurposed Doors

Charming table from repurposed door
In an age when everything old is new again, old doors are getting a second chance.  Seen in antique stores and at flea markets, old doors with peeling paint are an item that can be transformed into a functional and beautiful addition to the home.  Here are 11 great ideas for repurposed doors.  Folding Screen You can either use several doors or...

Give New Life to Old Furniture With Paint

Painted console table
How many times have you looked at an old chest, chair or other piece of furniture and thought about getting rid of it because it just didn't look that great any more?  Or perhaps you have an antique that Grandma gave you that doesn't fit with your style.  If the piece has good bones and is still structurally sound, a...

Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid-century home
Go back to the future with mid-century modern style.  Evocative of the post-war era where the need for fresh change was strong, the years between the mid-40s and 1970's captured the essence of what we now know as mid-century modern.  This is a style that epitomizes organic form and an uncomplicated design aesthetic.  Explore these mid-century interiors and appreciate the...

Beautiful and Private Home Libraries

Home libraries aren’t only a feature of luxury homes with rooms to space. With so much advancement in technology, more of us are relying on reading at home as a private escape from busy lifestyles. From entire floors to single shelves, you can turn any space into your own private reading area. A purpose built library that takes up an entire...

20 creative ideas for original DIY nightstands

fantastic DIY nightstand created with an old swing
The nightstand is one of the most common and used piece of furniture of the bedroom. In every bedroom there is at least one nightstand, although, especially in the master bedrooms, there is a couple of nightstands. Here you are 20  easy, cheap and creative ideas for original DIY nightstands. Enjoy the list! DIY nightstands suspended from the ceiling: if...

Fun and Unique Sofa Designs

Unique sofa infuses fun into interiors
When you want to break out of the norm and design a room that is fun, unique or just stylishly different, updating your sofa can be a great way to start.  There are very innovative, creative and just plain fun sofa designs waiting for you to try.  Let's explore some of these stylish and unique sofas. Go for a bit of...

20 Original and out of the ordinary bookcases

Original and out of the ordinary bookcases
If you have always thought that a bookcase is an anonymous set of shelfs, looking these amazing pics you will definitely change your mind! Here you are 20 brilliant ideas for decorating every different room of your home with these incredible bookcases. 1. The "United States Bookshelf" Created by the  artist Ron Arad, for his exhibition at the Timothy Taylor Gallery,...

Amazing furniture made from old cars

Amazing furniture made from old cars
Amazing furniture made from old cars? Sounds strange? Have you ever think that old pieces of moto or cars or bus could be transformed in original furniture for your home? Well, it’s possible! Some innovative designers have created original and incredible furniture with parts or pieces of old cars. You can decorate your bedroom with an original "mercedes-bed" such...