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Transform your yard space into a welcoming and beautiful garden. Learn how to create outdoor rooms for relaxing and entertaining.

Txokos for Holiday Gatherings

What exactly is a txoko (pronounced: choh-koh)? Txoko is a Basque word, which is an area spanning northern Spain and southwestern France that is rich in history. Basque is a language and culture as old as, or even older, than Roman culture and has no language similar to it, so you can bet there are unique traditions as well....

How to Create Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Low-Maintenance Landscaping
Most homeowners want their property to look neat and tidy, but that doesn’t mean that they want to spend hour after hour on their precious weekends to get the job done. A complex landscaping design can mean a ton of seasonal maintenance. If you have a busy schedule or have mobility issues, keeping your landscaping simple can be low...

Can I DIY a Landscaping Project? 

landscaping project
Landscaping projects are an excellent investment in a home. They come with many benefits, from adding value to your home to significantly changing the overall appearance of your backyard. However, some of the landscaping works are expensive.  Can I DIY a landscaping project? Yes, you can probably do it yourself if you’re relatively skilled in some of the landscaping work....

Patio Ideas to Make Your Backyard the Ideal Summer Escape

Beautiful backyard patio
As summer hits it peak, many people head outside.  Now is the prime time for backyard barbecues, parties and relaxing.  If your patio is not up to par for entertaining or your backyard space lacks style, here are some patio ideas to make your backyard the ideal summer escape. If it's luxury you're after, imagine yourself sitting around the fire with friends. ...

4 Accessories to tidy up your garden

Tidy up garden
As summer begins to roll back around, you may be looking at the disrepair of your garden filled with shame and foreboding. You had said that this year would be different, and you were going to keep on top of the garden, and yet here we are no further forward and what feels like light years behind. Fear not,...

10 Tips for Creating a Backyard Paradise

Backyard Paradise
With more time being spent at home, it should come as no surprise that people are trying to enhance their spaces. The backyard area offers plenty of potential for creating a safe escape at home. However, if this space has largely been left untouched in the past, you'll have your work cut out for you. Here are 10 helpful tips...

Essential Plants for Kitchen Gardens

planting vegetables
Kitchen gardens are gardens which are located as near as possible to your kitchen door. This allows you to grow your own vegetables, herbs, and fruits right within easy reach when you're cooking. Kitchen gardens provide you with nutritious and fresh foods for an entire season. These plants can be grown in a variety of ways. You can start a...

Patio Design Ideas for Using Outdoor Furnishings

Outdoor Furniture
When considering patio design ideas for your backyard, there are many critical things that the home owner needs to consider before investing in the outdoor space. You'll also need to think about how you envision using the outdoor space once it is completed. Do you plan on hosting a number of events on your patio? A backyard patio can...

Decorate Your Balcony Garden with 6 Best Flowering Plants

balcony garden
Some family members love to nourish their balcony garden with fragrant flowering plants. A balcony is a spot in your house where you can stretch and lose yourself for a while. And, feel windy weather! Also, check on your budding plants that show signs of new flower-buds. Believe it or not, having a balcony garden is indeed blissful. However,...

Design Ideas for Waterside Homes

Outlined in this article are some of the expert solutions for living by the water. It can be near a mountain lake or in an ocean side cottage. Designers usually try to take the advantage of views but also take into account wind, salt, tide and water table. When it comes to designing, they try to give diversity of areas...

8 Ways Monty Don Provides Inspiration to Home Gardeners

Home Gardeners
British television presenter Monty Don has plenty of advice home gardeners can learn from. Here are some of the biggest ways he is inspiring to all gardeners. If you live in the U.K. and you love your garden, you've heard of Monty Don. He's an experienced, well-known TV horticulturist, though he calls himself an "amateur gardener." The latest studies show...

Experience the real Middle-Earth at the Hobbiton Movie Set

On the most picturesque private farmland you can visit is the Hobbiton Movie Set from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film trilogies. Matamata, home of the Hobbiton™ Movie Set, is a small agricultural town in the heart of the Waikato region, nestled at the base of the beautiful Kaimai ranges. The set has been completely rebuilt for The Hobbit and will...

30 best ideas for backyard fireplace and pergolas

Outdoor fireplaces help create the feeling of an additional room, and are a perfect place to entertain on a chilly evening. We bring you the best ideas around fireplaces and pergolas with seating area. From fancy to rustic, portable to permanent, find an outdoor fireplace design to suit your home’s architecture and your living style. Check the selected images below! ...

Backyard Fire Pits That Heat Up Your Landscape

Inviting backyard with fire pit
Outdoor fire pits are a great way to add ambiance and warmth to your backyard.  They can last for many seasons, playing a large role in your backyard décor and entertaining.  There are pre-made portable fire pits and those that are custom designed for your landscape.  For the do-it-yourselfer, the fire pit is a relatively easy weekend project.  Backyard fire pits add...

What to Know About The Advantages of Growing Crops in a Greenhouse 

Growing Crops in a Greenhouse
Using a greenhouse gives you far much more advantages compared to conventional gardening. This happens regardless of whether you decided to start up with a small or a big greenhouse.  Only make sure that you are keen to follow the guidelines as given by the greenhouses experts’ failure to which you are deemed to make huge losses.  Hot houses are readily...

Raised Bed Gardening-Learn these Six Tips to Make it Easy

kitchen garden
Raised bed gardening stands out as the most convenient garden type when you do not have enough space yet you want to plant a variety of plants. With this garden, you can control the growth of weed and build the soil to match your gardening needs. The soil stays fluffy throughout the year. To get the best out of your...

Creative Homes Built Around Trees

Home built around trees
These homes bring a whole new meaning to bringing the outdoors in.  Trees grow inside and patios are built around trees to create a special home that exists side by side with nature.  These creative homes built around trees preserve their surroundings and create a nature-nurturing environment that is beautiful and unique. An opening was created for this tree and then enclosed...

8 Easy-to-do Garden Stepping Stone Ideas for a One-off Look

Beautiful Garden Stepping Stone Ideas
A stroll around your garden should be a breath-taking experience! You can do more than lively blooms and functional ponds, and make every step memorable by letting stepping stones dominate the pave ways to these magnificent sceneries.       Stepping stones can be done in a thousand different ways. You want a path that will blend with your natural environs and harmonize...