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Explore the trends, ideas and elements of interior design to make your interiors come to life.

6 Ways Hotel Lobbies Teach us About Interior Design

Modern hotel lobby
Hotel lobbies are some of the most breathtaking examples of interior design.  They deliver an awe-inspiring glimpse into a world that is luxurious and grand.  But aside from introducing us to extravagance, hotel lobbies can teach us about interior design.  Let's explore some of the ways. 1. Lighting Extravagant chandeliers, innovative lighting solutions and key illumination features abound in hotel lobbies.  Note...

Round Houses and Circular Interior Style

A round house for spectacular views
We’ve probably all seen unique houses in our travels and even seen round houses on occasion.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a round house or considered decorating a space in your perfectly angled home in the round?  Here are some unique round homes and ways to decorate in a circular design layout. A...

8 Ways to Use Recycled Bicycles in Your Home

Bicycle wheels make an interesting table
Upcycle takes on a whole new meaning when you actually use cycles to create new items.  If you take a closer look at the bicycle you will see the artistry that goes into its design.  The round perfection of the wheels are mirrored by the round gear sprockets, and the spokes of the wheel mirror the clean lines of...

Modern Farmhouse Style – A Little Bit Country….A Little Bit Rock and Roll

A modern farmhouse looks warm and inviting
The charm and rustic character of traditional farmhouse design style combined with the simplicity and edge of modern design.  That is modern farmhouse style and it is taking the design world by storm.  It's just a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.  This is how to get that seamlessly blended style that is both chic and...

Luxury Walk-in Closets

Luxury walk-in closet
Many women dream of having a walk-in closet that is spacious enough to house their entire wardrobe and includes a touch of luxury.  The ideal walk-in closet has space for handbags, shoes, sweaters and lingerie in addition to plenty of room for hanging clothing.  Here are some luxurious yet functional walk-in closets that contain all of these things and...

4 Types of Kitchen Range Hoods to Transform Your Kitchen

Range hood
When you think of kitchen range hoods, you may recall the standard stainless steel versions that are in many homes; flat, no-nonsense models that are completely functional in nature.  Well, range hoods have come a long way since then and the styles have entered the 21st century.  Here are classic, metal, modern and artistically-inspired kitchen range hoods to transform...

Modern Mountain Homes to Take You Away

Beautiful modern mountain home interior
Vast open spaces with picture windows to take in breathtaking views.  Soaring ceilings enhanced with wood beams.  Nestled in on cold winter nights, enjoying the warmth of the roaring fire.  Interiors styled with a modern aesthetic that blend with the natural world surrounding you.  If this sounds like paradise to you, come along and explore modern mountain homes. Ample windows to take...

Designer Focus: Jean-Louis Deniot

Interior Designer Jean-Louis Deniot
Step into a room designed by Paris-based interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot and you feel as if you have entered a timeless space that is the epitome of chic.  Deniot has an extraordinary talent for creating rooms of great depth.  His interiors are a distinctive blend of vintage, new custom creations and a keen attention to the architecture of the space. Jean-Louis...

Bedroom Home Office Designs to Love

Home office integrates into this bedroom
If you long for a space in your home to work on the computer, study or conduct business but are limited for space, consider working a home office space into the bedroom.  This is a great option if you want the space to be separate from the major living areas of your home and only require a small space. ...

Trend Alert: Faceted Interior Design for Fascinating Dimension

V2 PaperForms modular recycled wall tiles add multi-faceted dimension
Interior design trends come and they go.  Geometrics are still somewhat fresh for 2016, but this trend has taken on new dimension with faceted interior design.  Think of a diamond and its many facets, or the angles of a freeform shape.  Sharp, edgy and dimensional, faceted surfaces are taking form all across the design realm.  Let's explore some of the ways...

Turn up the Heat with Modern Fireplace Updates

Fireplaces have come a long way from the days of wood-burning brick surround caverns in the center of the living room.  Today’s fireplaces are design elements in and of themselves and are finding their way into every room in the house.  They are works of art that easily take center stage in a room.  Modern fireplace updates will elevate...

18 Ways to Repurpose Wood Crates in Your Home

Wood crates repurposed into a desk or craft work center
Wood crates are a popular flea market commodity today.  They have endless uses outside of their originally intended use, therefore making them a hot item to repurpose in the home.  Here are 18 ways to repurpose wood crates in your home.  Shelving Stack crates freeform or uniform to create a unique shelving unit.  Attach several together and stack beside each other...

Trend Alert – Perforated Design

Perforated panels enhance this home
Perforated, put simply, is something that is pierced with a hole or holes.  It is currently a top trend for 2015, showing up in architecture, interior design and fashion.  Today's perforations range from industrial to artistic in design. Shops and corporate offices employ perforated design into their interiors by way of wall and ceiling panels, as well as staircase rails.  This design...

Indigo Blue and Denim for Your Home

Indigo accents with a gray sofa
Blue is a favorite color for many.  It is considered a neutral and can mix with many other colors.  Indigo blue is showing a major surge in interior design this year.  And just in time to trend alongside indigo blue is denim.  Denim is casual, relaxed and comfortable.  Let’s slip on our favorite pair of jeans and explore some...

Terrariums in Interior Design

A terrarium is effectively a miniature reproduction of an ecosystem, neatly encased in a glass or transparent container. Usually these containers can be opened so that you can maintain your plants, but some terrariums are sealed (this will require different kind of plants, positioning, moisture and exposure). Terrariums then are a fantastic decorative element in any modern home. Just how aquariums...

Open Fireplace Designs to Warm Your Home

Open fireplace design
In today’s time, a fireplace serves a dual purpose. Beyond just providing warmth to a home, it’s also one of the areas where a focal point in a room can be made. It also adds to the overall design element to a room.  There’s also the added challenge for architects and engineers to ensure that the fireplace continues on giving...

Modern fireplaces for stunning indoor and outdoor spaces

modern fireplace on the floor
A fireplace is a stunning plus that will create a warmer, cozier and more peaceful atmosphere in your home. The modern fireplaces are real furnishing and real design elements that can enrich every different spaces of your home, from the living room to the bedrooms, from the bathrooms to the garden. A contemporary fireplace  will completly and deeply warm up...

Sassy and Sophisticated Teen and Tween Bedroom Ideas

Bright modern teenage girl bedroom design
OMG!  TTL!  LOL!  What?  If you have a teenage daughter, deciphering her abbreviated language may be difficult at times.  And figuring out her constantly changing moods and behaviors may have you in a tailspin.  Designing her bedroom, however, doesn't have to be difficult.  Here are some sassy and sophisticated teen and tween bedroom ideas that will sure to please...