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5 Reasons to Love Marble in Your Home

Black marble floors give this room a sleek, modern flair with classic drama
Marble has been used to enhance interiors for hundreds of years.  It is a luxury feature in many homes, including bathrooms, kitchens and central living areas.  Marble looks sleek in modern interiors and comes in a variety of patterns, textures and colors.  Here are five reasons to love marble in your home. 1. Floors Marble floors are elegant and sleek.  Marble...

The Allure of Decorating with Glass Jars

Glass jars and canisters are making their way out of the kitchen and into other areas of the home as decorative display vessels. These highly versatile containers make the perfect decorative element in the living room, home office and bathroom.  They hold treasures, office supplies, soaps and are perfect for displaying collections and plants.  Available in a variety of...

The Enduring Style of the Traditional Kitchen

The traditional style kitchen has resisted trends to remain the classic example of enduring design in this most important of rooms.  The classic traditional kitchen keeps to its stylish function while maintaining elegance.  Quality wood cabinetry with elegant detailing, furniture-style elements, luxurious counter and flooring materials and classic lighting fixtures highlight the enduring style of the traditional kitchen. Beautiful cabinetry...

18 Stylish Bar Stools for Your Kitchen

Wood and iron bar stools lend a rustic touch to this modern kitchen
The kitchen island is often a gathering spot in the home.  It is a place where casual meals are shared, homework is done, party guests mingle with the host and meals are prepared.  For such a central spot, it is important to have stylish and functional seating.  Here are eighteen stylish bar stools for your kitchen to give it a welcoming and unique character. The modern...

4 Ways to Hide Your TV

You've saved up all your money in hopes of getting that 70 inch 3D plasma TV for your home. Now that you've finally gotten it, you realize that your living room window gives a clear view of your new TV from the street. Although you bought it to enjoy, you don't want to have a target for potential passer-bys...

6 Items That Should Be on Your Home Bucket List

What's on your Home Bucket List?
We all make bucket lists in our mind about the places we want to see and the things we want to do before we leave this world.  Now let’s consider the home bucket list.  This is not about the chores and repairs needed.  This is a list of those things that we dream about related to our home.  Here...

Eclectic Tile Designs

Tiles are a quick and easy way to decorate your home without worrying about what a spilled drink or fallen spaghetti will do to it. Tiles are one of the best floors you can have in your home as they are sturdy, smooth and easy to clean or replace, unlike carpeting or hardwood floors.  Most homeowners just consider tiles...

Kitchens in Today’s Open Concept Home

The kitchen has long been the heart of the home, where families and friends gather.  Increasingly, the kitchen is becoming a more integral part of the home as open concept floor plans have become the norm.  Kitchens in today's open concept home have mass appeal for their elegant efficiency and seamless flow.           Left photo courtesy of Beautiful Homes and Designs Since kitchens are open to the home’s...

13 Beautiful Backsplash Ideas to Add Character to Your Kitchen

Colorful tile backsplash
Liven up your kitchen with a unique backsplash.  Tile, metal, stone, mosaics and many other elements can be used to create unique backsplashes.  Here are 13 beautiful backsplash ideas to add character to your kitchen. Heavy Metal Smooth stainless or copper tiles bring a refined luster to your kitchen.  You're probably familiar with embossed ceiling tiles, but how about adding them to...

The classic beauty of vintage kitchens

Don’t you just love vintage kitchens? There’s something so homey and unpretentious about them, that it leaves you no chose but to admire their classic beauty. If you have always dreamed of one of those, but you didn’t know how exactly to achieve such style, check out the next few essentials of the vintage kitchen and find out if...

Waterfall Kitchen Countertops

Open kitchen with waterfall countertops
Waterfall kitchen countertops are a growing trend in interior design.  Made of sleek stone surfaces such as marble, granite and quartz as well as beautiful wood, the addition of a waterfall countertop in the kitchen creates a seamless profile that suits the modern aesthetic. Waterfall countertops add a refined look to the modern kitchen.  Often of beautiful stone such as granite, marble and...

Transform Your Kitchen with Color

Turquoise cabinets bring vibrant color to this contemporary kitchen
When you look at your kitchen, is one of the first things you notice a lack of color?  Do you crave a more vibrant palette in this vital room of your home?  Perhaps new cabinets, a colorful backsplash or bright bar stools are in order.  Let's look at some ways to transform your kitchen with color. Cabinets in rainbow colors explode...

Unique Ceiling Treatments for Your Home

When decorating the home, many people ignore the ceiling.  Think of the ceiling as an extension of the walls and give it a special treatment.  By using architectural elements, moldings, paint, fabric, wallpaper and tiles, a ceiling becomes an integral feature of a room. Fabric is a great way to create a special treatment for the ceiling.  Fabric can be...

Banquette Seating for Dining in Comfort and Style

When dining out, many will invariably request a booth over a table for the simple comfort.  Why not have that comfort when dining at home?  Banquette seating in the kitchen or dining room provides a great place for dining and other family activities.  Banquettes can be built-in or purchased as a piece of furniture to add to your dining space. Banquette seating...

Update Your Kitchen Stainless Steel

Black stainless steel kitchen appliances
Stainless steel kitchen appliances have long been a favorite for their sleek appeal that meshes with all styles of kitchens.  Now appliance manufacturers are giving you more options than ever to update your kitchen stainless steel.  Black, bronze and copper stainless steel, as well as pure versions of these metals, are making kitchen appliances more versatile.  Let's explore kitchens...

Trend Alert – Mixed Cabinet Finishes in the Kitchen

Mixed cabinet stains in the kitchen
A major trend in kitchens this year is mixing cabinet colors.  This is a style that can give your kitchen an instant update.  Dark stained wood cabinetry mixed with white painted cabinets can be a strong contrast and give your kitchen a bold and interesting look.  Incorporating a red, blue or black painted island can give your kitchen a...

Kitchen Islands – Centerpiece of the Kitchen

Kitchen islands are the multi-functional centerpiece of the kitchen.  They have been an integral part of the kitchen for so long now, it is hard to imagine the room without them.  Kitchen islands are a versatile and functional tool that add value and style to any kitchen.  With the variety of styles available, there is a kitchen island that...

Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Sleek and contemporary open shelving in the kitchen
Whether you have a small kitchen and want it to appear more open or if you prefer simplicity in design, open shelving in the kitchen is a stylish option.  Open shelving can be sleek and modern or become a charming feature of a traditional kitchen.  Here are ideas for open shelving in the kitchen to give you a bit...