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Ideas for creating inviting living spaces that are stylish, comfortable and functional for every occasion.

The Best Tips from the Pros to Improve Your Living Room

Improve Your Living Room
Between Netflix-binging and entertaining, you spend more time in the living room, and it is among the most important part of your house as far as décor is concerned. Living rooms are often the first space you will decorate and where you may direct guests during the tour. A well-decorated and improved living space draws in and compels guests to...

Mistakes You Want to Avoid When Styling Your Living Room

living room
During the winter months, and with a global pandemic continuing to rage, most of us now spend more time at home than we otherwise would do. This period can thus make us examine our properties and, in particular, living spaces more thoroughly.  If you’re keen to start the new year off with an updated living room, it pays to consider...

Choosing the Right Sofa Size for any space

Right Sofa Size
Choosing a sofa is not something you do without a great deal of thought and research. Where is it going? Is it for occasional or regular use? Will this be your main room sofa, or one for a guest room? And more to the point, what style do you want it to be and what’s your budget? These are just...

How Do Many Types Of Sofas Differ? A Guide For Homeowners

Types Of Sofas
Because of its versatility, it's easy to see why the sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in every home. A sofa influences the overall look of the rooms in your house, as well as the comfort of your family and guests. A sofa also provides convenience as it doubles as a table and footrest.  Undeniably, your...

Why Choose Large Wall art for Decorating the Living Room

Decorating the Living Room
Go big or go home. Yes, it’s true when it comes to buying large wall art. There’s nothing like ‘ too big wall art’ when executed properly. A large wall piece livens up your space and adds personality to your decor. In addition, a giant wall of art makes the wall look less crowded. You must wish to hang wall...

Living Room Design 2021: Trendy Ideas

Living Room Design
When you are going to start decorating the interior of the living room, you should think over the smallest details in advance, since we spend most of our time at home in this room. For the living room, we choose the most spacious room to place the most important objects here that help us to relax, arrange a gathering...

Decoration Tips for Living Room: Beginner’s Guide

decoration for living room
When decorating your living room, you will be overwhelmed because you have to put different pieces together. You can use your creativity to create an appealing and harmonious look. From the colors of your wall to furniture, you have to arrange everything. In the first step, you should outline a decorating style. If you are confused about starting a living...

9 Ways to Make Your Living Room More Inviting

A living room with a couch and coffee table Description automatically generated with low confidence
Your living room is the place where you entertain guests, watch movies with your family, or relax at the end of a long day. Making this room more inviting can make people who come to your home feel comfortable and welcomed. Put these tips into use to make your living room a warm and peaceful place to entertain. 1. Use...

Art for Living Room: Know these Six Ideas of Artworks

The artwork has stood the test of time because of the profound impression it creates. Art for living room is defined by the exclusivity and the identity it gives. When displayed in any space, artwork exudes class and communicates what a thousand words can’t. Displaying one in your living room not only reveals your personality but also gives your space...

How To Create The Perfect Family Living Room 

Perfect Family Living Room 
Redecorating your home can be incredibly exciting. As a result, it’s easy to run wild and purchase every exciting item you come across - whether that be a statement piece of furniture or a vibrant wallpaper. However, if you want your room to have a clean, cohesive style, you need to take the time to put together a clear...

Seven Designs for Living Room That Work Best for You

living room
There are so many living room designs out there. If you are working on transforming your living room, you might be overwhelmed with the many options. The living room is the most prime area of your apartment. The place where the entire family enjoys a free chat together. This space has to ensure much-needed warmth and brilliance. To help...

Best Ways to Get the Living Room of Your Dreams

Your living room is perhaps the most integral part of your set-up, being the main place where you’ll go to relax and, most likely, the centerpiece of your home when you’re hosting guests. Everyone dreams of having a perfect living room, which features incredible décor, plenty of space, and lots of comforts. Here, we’re going through the best ways to...

Creating a Perfect Beach Themed Living Room on a Budget

Fresh looking upholstered couches in this living room located in a beach house in Hobe Sound
If you’re looking to remodel your home on a budget, then a beach themed living room is a calculated move. Why? Because doing it right can mean a long-lasting coastal appeal without breaking the bank. This wood-dominated style looks better in shades of white (and sometimes blue) that help trigger the seaside déjà vu. A well placed piece of wave...

Living Room vs. Family Room: Understanding the Fundamental Differences

Family room
Living room vs. family room; are they the same thing? Well, maybe you’re not alone in that tight spot, many homeowners can’t draw the line between a family and living room.   The idea of the open layout design has further sent the masses into a web of confusion, leaving many with mixed opinions. But first, it is essential to note that these...

Is a Sunken Living Room The Right Idea: Learn the Pros and Downsides!

You recently saw the picture of a deluxe sunken room, and probably think it’s a new design. But oops! You’re almost certainly wrong! Sunken designs are making a comeback after missing in action for decades. They are a thing of the old school—started in 1972 by Bruce Goff.  And you bet this architecture student never knew the sunken feature in the...

Seven Living Room Bar Ideas and Why You Should Try One

walnut casework anchors both sides of the original fireplace
If hopping from club to club anytime you need to charge is not your thing, then you need a bar in your home. You can position it anywhere you like, but the ease of access makes the living room a strategic placement.                    A living room bar is a more relaxed space to enjoy a glass of whiskey on icy rocks...

Raising Your Sunken Living Room in Seven Simple Steps

Luxury sunken living room
How can you raise a recessed or sunken floor to give your home a new look? Well, the sunken room is an old-school design— not common in the many homes nowadays. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t widespread. Plus, many homeowners would like to try a sunken living room. But the primary worry for a majority is what happens when someday...

Decorating Your Dream Living Room

Decorating living room
If you are going a little stir crazy staying ‘locked up’ at home in this pandemic, gear up and put your designer mode on. Because In this article we are coming up with some cool ideas to redecorate your living room! You ought to admit that the living room is the most neglected part of our home even though...