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Top 11 most haunted abandoned places in Germany

It doesn’t matter how beautiful well known touristic spots in Germany are, the true adventurers and curious travellers will always look for some unpredictable and non-clichéd places. Germany may not embrace Halloween with the enthusiasm of other countries but it has more than its fair share of spooky places. The buildings may be falling down, vandalized and abused, but...

Top 9 most popular Airbnb properties in the world

Millions of people have opened their homes to strangers on the Airbnb site, but of those many, many options, which are the most popular? So, let’s forget about our lack of annual leave and strict budgets for the moment and just sit back, relax, and daydream over these most wish-listed houses up for grabs on Airbnb. The guests are obviously lusting after the spectacular and...