What to look for in a good Ventura County moving company


One of the hardest things to do when preparing for a move is to find a good and reputable moving company you can trust. In fact, many people have turned to renting moving trucks and self storage units to do the move themselves. The problem is, this typically ends up costing you more money in the end, especially if something gets broken or someone gets hurt.

What You Should Look For

Most companies that offer Ventura County Movers operate through websites. Who can blame them, it’s a great way to generate business and provide customers with a lot of necessary information. Unfortunately, it also leaves the door open for people to run scams. Roughly 3,000 or so families are the victims of moving scams every year, so it’s best to leave nothing to chance.

If you are using a Ventura County Moving Company you need to make sure you verify the business through the Better Business Bureau and the American Moving and Storage Association. Also, check the company’s website for their U.S. Dot information. If it is not listed on their website, call them and ask for the information. Finally, take the time to drive past the physical address listed on the website. You can always stop in to request more information, but this step lets you see how legitimate the business is for yourself.

Porcelain Flooring 101

Traditionally, good moving company, like www.attentiontodetailmoving.com, will not ask for a deposit upfront prior to your move, however if one is requested, do not use cash of a check to take care of the deposit. If you are having trouble finding a moving company you are comfortable with, ask friends and local real-estate agents for suggestions. Real-estate agents typically have one or two extremely reliable moving companies they work with to offer a more rounded set of services for their clients.


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