Round Houses and Circular Interior Style

A round house for spectacular views
We’ve probably all seen unique houses in our travels and even seen round houses on occasion.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a round house or considered decorating a space in your perfectly angled home in the round?  Here are some unique round homes and ways to decorate in a circular design layout. A...

Indoor Swimming Pools to Inspire

Luxury indoor swimming pool
Many of us are aware of the benefits of swimming and dream of the luxury of having our own swimming pool.  However, choosing between an indoor and outdoor pool can be a tough decision.  Here are the benefits and drawbacks of an indoor pool and photos of luxury home swimming pools to inspire you. The major benefit of an indoor swimming pool...

Aqua and Coral for a Fresh Summer Color Scheme

Fresh aqua and coral living room
One of the most refreshing summer color schemes in interior design is aqua and coral.  This contrasting color combination works its magic to create summery interiors that evoke an island getaway.  If coral sunsets and crystal clear aqua waters caressing white sandy beaches appeal to your senses, consider this color combination for your home. Variations of the tones create dimension and...

Take Your Home into the Deep with Ocean Accents

Jellyfish-inspired lighting and a wall of jellyfish enhance this gorgeous interior (architectureadmirers)
The appeal of the ocean is as vast as its expanse.  For many, the ocean is a place of power and majesty; a world of mystery and beauty.  Bring this world into your home with ocean accents.  Thrill at the tentacle wonder of the octopus.  Marvel at the fluid beauty of the jellyfish.  Delight in the wonderful texture and...

Making the Most Out From Your Fireplace

Fireplaces are a common feature in many homes, especially older buildings. They can be a grand feature that is the main focal point in a room, and although many are no longer in use following advances in heating technology, the frames and fireplace areas can be used for a number of alternative purposes. Traditional log burners are popular because of...

Improving Your Lifestyle With Open Plan Living

Open plan living is a modern style of interior design, which is also a lifestyle choice as well as a style decision. It is essentially opening up certain areas of the home and allowing them to be in one open space, with specific function areas as opposed to rooms. Open plan living is so popular because it opens up the...

Home Office Design Tips for Her

Create a more feminine home office with bright colors and statement lighting
The home office is a functional space that should be well organized and adaptable to different activities.  But just because a home office is designed specifically for the purpose of work, does not mean that it can’t be styled to fit the person who will occupy the space.  The woman’s home office can be designed for aesthetic comfort as...

9 Ways to Create a Unique Feature Wall

The trend for feature walls exploded in the late 1990s and hasn’t shifted since. It’s a simple and dynamic way to enhance a room without costing a lot of time, planning, or resource. A simple feature wall can transform the feeling and style of a room without much work, and they can help to achieve an endless number of...

Greek Key Design in Interiors

Greek key upholstery adds a classic style
The Greek Key pattern is a classic decorative element that originated in ancient Greece.  The geometric continuous form of the Greek Key design works well on trims and edging.  The design is found on furniture, textiles and various architectural elements.  The Greek Key design symbolizes eternity and portrays this with a continuous, repeating motif.  Here are ways to use...

Creating an Art Deco Living Room

Art Deco style was born in France before the First World War, but it reached the mainstream by the 1920s and was a style phenomenon in the Western world. It’s never really died, but today it's experiencing a booming renaissance in popularity. Art Deco is memorable for dramatic and brooding décor, with a range of luxury textures from gloss to suede,...