10 ways to store large objects at home

Two cardboard boxes sitting on a wooden table, ready to store large objects.

Homeowners often encounter the question of creating more storage for storing large-sized objects. How do you store bulky objects at home properly? From statues and boilers to king-size beds and decades-old cupboards – you can’t fathom how much clutter people amass inside their dwellings nowadays. But you can always conceal these cumbersome and domineering objects, making more space to place all those smart items waiting to be accommodated. Storing large-sized objects in your home shouldn’t be a problem for homeowners with our suggestions below. We’ll tell you how to create more storage for keeping large objects easily without messing up your home’s organization.

How to store bulky items in your house?

Large items don’t just need more storage but also require better safekeeping. Since someone’s neglect can easily damage these objects, homeowners are often concerned about ensuring the safety of their belongings, especially when these items are gigantic. Throwing them into the basement isn’t a permanent solution to your self-storage problems. The garage may also refuse your offerings once it starts running out of capacity. So, experts have proposed meaningful methods to help apartment residents make storage flexible, convenient, and cost-effective. Follow the tips we have mentioned below and make more space for those bulky items that are always in someone’s way now:

Rent storage units

Homeowners should consider transporting bulkier objects to external storage facilities. Today’s residents of Macau, Kowloon, and Hong Kong can easily rent these units of different sizes for a month to a year. These climate-controlled storage facilities secure your belongings, giving people more space in their dwellings. You can always access your stuff and increase or decrease the size based on your requirements. That’s how apartment residents today arrange storage to avoid clutter in their households.

Clean the floor

Leaving heavier objects on the floor seems like the most common storage method. But there is no efficacy in this method, and it also makes your apartment look messy. Remember that the trick to keeping bulky items secure is to keep them off the floor. That’s how you get more space to walk around the apartment. Also, placing large-sized objects on the floor makes them vulnerable to pests. We believe you should install racks and hooks on the wall to hang your stuff properly.

Make them accessible

The third tip is to keep bulkier items easily accessible. That’s why we don’t think pushing heavier objects into the basement is an effective way to store them. For example, don’t stash a heavy object on top of a lighter one. Have ladders to access the stuff you’ve stored near the ceiling. 

Install another space

Install another space for your portable appliances with bespoke storage options. Kitchen appliances may get neglected with poorly-planned storage solutions. We suggest homeowners make a closed-off workstation to store their kitchen appliances. Hence, they remain accessible when you need them. That’s how you keep your things inside a made-of-wood dresser with shutters made of aluminum.

Stow away suitcases

Stashing your travel suitcases may seem complicated, but we always suggest top-shelf storage in the bedroom for these bags. Utilize lofty ceilings to your advantage and carve out some decent storage facilities inside the cavity. Hang a ladder from this cavity to make it easily accessible. That’s how a perfect storage solution has been prepared for your travel luggage in the bedroom.

Break them down

Another strategy involves breaking heavier objects into smaller pieces (if possible) for better storage. That’s how you can keep your forlorn courches and ancient lampshades without claiming a lot of space in the apartment. Take apart your bed frames and ensure that you’re keeping them wrapped in plastic to avoid damage from dust.

Create a cupboard

Storing large-size objects isn’t just about finding the right place for their safekeeping. These objects also don’t look nice and may interfere with your dwelling’s aesthetics. We know that Hong Kong apartment residents deal with the matter of storing their ironing boards and vacuum cleaners. So, we suggest they find ground-level cupboards to store these bulky items. You can also use the space under the stairs as a storage facility and add pull-out sections for better access.

Make flexible walls

Homeowners often deal with small-sized toys by putting them inside large-sized baskets. But it may seem difficult to deal with bulky toys since they take up a lot of space in a room. Some experts have suggested creating flexible walls inside the apartment with roll-out storage facilities. You can roll the space open and place your toys for safekeeping after your children are done playing.

Secure fragile items

Heavier objects can be fragile and prone to easy breaking. You shouldn’t be careless about storing a family portrait in the house, especially when moving them to a self-storage unit. That’s why we think you should keep delicate objects wrapped in blankets. That’s how your television sets won’t get any damage due to careless moving company employees. Also, label these boxes as “fragile” to ensure they are treated with care while transported.

Hang your instruments

Owning large musical instruments doesn’t mean you can keep them haphazardly around the house. It’s tricky to store them sometimes since some homeowners can’t afford to purchase a floor stand. These stands may leave your banjos or guitars accessible to pets, children, and even tone-deaf amateurs. That’s why we suggest you hang your instruments to keep them stored properly and avoid damage by hanging them on the wall. Instead of buying costly wall hangers, you should create some cost-effective ones by hitting the home center. Get plastic-coated hooks for your objects!


Reports show that Hong Kong residents today thrive in tight living spaces with barely any room for bulky items. How do they manage the clutter properly? We’ve suggested ways to help them easily and conveniently store large-sized objects. Rent storage facilities while decluttering the house. You should keep your floors clean, hang everything to save space, and make everything accessible. You must secure fragile objects and break them down for effective storage. Also, stow away your suitcases now to store them easily. Don’t stack heavier objects on top of lighter things. Use those life-size cupboards now to store as much stuff as possible. That’s how homeowners can store bulky items with ease at home.

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