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Hello and a warm welcome! I’m Heather Jones, the creative force and leading author behind Livinator.com. This site is your go-to source for everything home and decor. From timeless design advice and fresh decorating ideas to DIY projects and essential decorating principles, my mission is simple: to empower you to make your living space distinctly yours.

  • Ever felt lost on where to begin your home makeover?
  • Puzzled over choosing the perfect shade of paint?
  • Overwhelmed by the sea of rug options?
  • Uncertain about defining your own decorating style?
  • Seeking inspiration for a kitchen renovation?
  • Livinator.com is here to demystify these challenges and beyond!

MY DESIGN MANTRA I firmly believe that your home should be a collection of what you love. It’s not about purchasing an item solely because it fits, matches, or comes at a great deal. True design transcends the one-size-fits-all approach, meaning your space should be a genuine reflection of your unique taste and personality. Let’s embark on this journey to curate a home that’s not only stylish but speaks volumes about who you are.

Livinator website was founded in late December 2013 under name Home-Styler and was later renamed to Livinator. It’s main purpose is to blog about home design, exteriors, interiors, garden ideas, furniture and all other things related to comfortable living.

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Heather Jones embarked on a journey to share her passion for home design, gardening, and architecture when she founded her blog. What began as a personal project to document and inspire through her unique vision and aesthetic sensibilities has grown into a flourishing multi-author platform. Today, Heather’s blog stands as a beacon for enthusiasts and experts alike, drawing in a multitude of voices that enrich the conversation around creating beautiful, functional, and sustainable living spaces.

The evolution into a multi-author blog has allowed for a broader exploration of themes within home design, gardening, and architecture. Contributors from various backgrounds bring their specialized knowledge, from landscape architects sharing sustainable gardening tips to interior designers offering insights into the latest trends. This diversity of perspectives ensures that readers are provided with a comprehensive guide on how to beautify their homes and gardens, making sophisticated design more accessible to a wider audience.

Under Heather’s guidance, the blog has maintained its commitment to quality and authenticity. Each author is carefully selected for their expertise and their ability to communicate complex ideas in an engaging manner. This ensures that the content not only educates but also inspires readers to embark on their own design projects.

Every post on Livinator contains fabulous ideas of real homes, kitchens and bathroom makeovers, with easy ways for readers to have a look and get the idea.

Original and innovative decorating features show how to use color successfully, create moodboards, tackle problem areas and find cash-clever buys.

The buyer’s guides help readers make an informed choice when choosing key appliances, the latest technology, and large pieces of furniture. Livinator makes everyday life easier – from low-maintenance garden ideas to recipes and time-saving tips.

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I love meeting and working with new people and inspiring others. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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