3 Table Lamps to Make a Design Statement 

Three wooden table lamps make a design statement in a dark room.


Even the best home decoration looks faded without proper lighting. Table lamps are the most underrated LED lights for home design, although they have a significant impact on home décor.

You need to select an LED lamp that complements your existing furniture and walls and provides a decent amount of lighting. While choosing an LED table lamp, you must take a look at the aesthetic design and functionality to find the perfect spot for it.

1. Study Table Lamp 

One of the best gifts that you can give your children is a better life ahead and prepare them for the future. A children’s table LED lamp can be the first step to that goal. It will motivate your kids to spend more time at their desks and learn.

You can also set it in your child’s bedroom to help ease their fear of the dark. The LED lights also add a subtle aesthetic touch to the beauty of the home.

You can try out the Marvel LED table lamp from Crompton that also helps to give your children a pleasurable reading experience by providing ample light of over 100 lumens. Children can also change the colour temperature according to their mood.

2. Productivity Booster Table Lamp 

Your LED lamp at your work desk should be more than just a useful lighting component. It must also have a productivity tool that helps you to keep track of time as you work.

The Mellow Digital Calendar LED lamp is the perfect example. It has a stunning round panel design that can captivate the minds of anyone visiting your work desk. It has a digital calendar with a time function that helps you stay motivated, and plan your work to meet deadlines. It can also provide varying colour temperatures according to your needs.

3. Space Saver Table Lamps 

As real estate prices keep increasing, there is less space for everything. If you are stuck in such a situation, you need to opt for clip clap, space saver table lamps. Moreover, these LED lamps are extremely efficient and add a smartly designed and functional appliance to your home.

Unlike other table lamps, they do not have a base and can be fixed to the corner of your table using a clip clap. These lamps are perfect for a researcher, a lawyer, or any professional who has a study table filled with projects, files, books or work material. The night light feature of this lamp is perfect for researchers who prefer working at night over a cup of coffee.

Features To Keep in Mind Before Purchasing

Colour Temperature

Different colour temperature creates different moods.

Neutral light creates an active environment. It is perfect for your home or office where you work. Warmer lights, on the other hand, are more suitable for relaxation and used in bedrooms and living rooms.


If the LED lights are not bright enough, you may not be able to read correctly or have enough concentration for your work. A table lamp must have at least 100 lumens for proper reading and it only increases with the age of the reader.

Energy Saving 

It would help if you used highly efficient LED panel lights to keep the energy cost to a minimum and save your electricity bills. In addition to this, it won’t hurt your pocket even if you keep the LED lights on for an extended period.


The LED panel design adds a lovely touch to the entire area, whether it is on your study table, on your bedside table or at your office desk. Today, sleek and portable designs are trendy and fashionable. The LED lamp must have not only a modern look on its body but also a great LED panel design.

Flexible focus

You must also see that you can adjust the table lamps according to your needs to get a better guide. The neck of these LED lamps must be completely flexible, which will enable you to rotate it according to your needs.



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