5 Reasons Why People Choose Amish-made Furniture

An Amish-made dining room with a wooden table and chairs.

Investing in new pieces of furniture is usually expensive. With that in mind, it is crucial to look for pieces that do not only look great but are also long-lasting. You need to go for a furniture item, which is durable and of top-notch quality.

If you are aiming to find the perfect balance and blend of longevity, durability, beauty, and style, then you may want to check out various pieces of Amish-made furniture. Most of these Amish furniture pieces are handcrafted, making them perfect additions to your home.

Before buying these pieces, though, you may have several questions, like whether or not these fit the theme and style of your home and if these will last. You may also be worried that your style options will be limited. Well, it is time to put your worries to rest because more and more people are now loving Amish furniture due to the many merits they hold.

Here are some reasons why a lot of homeowners choose pieces of furniture handcrafted by the Amish community:

#1 – Exhibits unique character and personality

Whether you are looking for Amish living room furniture or any other part of your home, you can expect to find several unique pieces in this community. Note that most Amish furniture items are constructed out of solid wood, a material known for its uniqueness. Cherry and oak wood, for instance, can provide natural coloring and wood grain variations that help bring out the uniqueness of each piece.

With that in mind, your chosen piece will surely be one-of-a-kind and not the typical piece mass-produced from an assembly line. The Amish furniture manufacturers also often assure their customers that it would be impossible to find identical pieces for their creations because of their uniqueness.

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The uniqueness of solid wood furniture made by the Amish can be displayed even more once it ages. It is because this material tends to age beautifully. Even if it gets bumps and experiences wear with time, these flaws will only add more personality and character to the piece.

#2 – Eco-friendly

Another reason why Amish-made furniture makes for a sound and wise investment is that it is eco-friendly. The manufacturers do not make their products in factories that produce pollution, so expect the whole manufacturing process to have low to zero impact on the environment. It constructs your furniture using real wood, allowing its natural beauty to shine without the use of extensive modern techniques that are harmful to the environment.

As for varnish, the Amish usually use those that contain low levels of VOC, so expect it to be healthier for your home and the environment. This type of varnish is environmentally friendly while still having the ability to retain the quality and look for your furniture without hazardous air pollutants.

#3 – Highly durable

The durability of Amish-made furniture is also unquestionable, which is one reason why many homeowners prefer it. With this piece, you will be enjoying long-lasting quality. Note that each furniture is constructed from hardwood, which you can’t expect to break down, crack, or experience wear for several years. This makes it different from composite wood products that tend to wear down after just a short time.

It is even possible for solid wood to last for a few decades when properly maintained and cared for. Speaking of maintenance, you will love the fact that you do not have to do extensive care and maintenance for this product. You just need to clean the piece regularly through dusting. You can also retain its nice finish and look by polishing it a bit once every six months.

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#4 – It can be altered or renewed

Another interesting and fascinating fact about Amish furniture is that it is durable enough that you can alter it over time. This means you are allowed to alter or renew it as time passes by. All it takes to bring out a new look out of your Amish furniture is to stain, paint, or sand it. It is also possible for you to modify the corners and edges of the furniture, allowing you to turn it into a brand new one. If you want, you can refinish it completely.

Furthermore, the fact that the furniture uses solid wood in its construction makes it totally recyclable. In other words, you can create a new product out of it or make it a huge part of a different structure. Once it decomposes, the wooden furniture will turn into reclaimed wood, which you can use to make it a part of other pieces or projects.

#5 – Versatile style

Amish furniture also continues to wow the public because of its versatility. It provides classic design elements, making it suitable for various colors and design themes. You can use it to update your space’s look by altering other elements in the overall design confidently since you know that most Amish furniture pieces will perfectly fit.

The versatility of this furniture will also allow you to find a piece that suits your preferences. You can find one that blends well with your preference whether it is rustic, formal, sleek and clean, or contemporary.


There are so many things to love about Amish-made furniture. Aside from furnishing your home’s interiors, it is safe to say that it is a sound investment in terms of quality. Fortunately, the price of each piece is reasonable. It also lets you invest in furniture pieces capable of lasting for years, thereby allowing you to maximize your investment.

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