5 Tips to Get Easier HOA Approval for Your Home Renovations

A person is holding a rubber stamp on a document for HOA Approval.

If you recently moved into a new neighborhood, a membership with a homeowners’ association or HOA is often mandatory. An HOA is basically an organization within a community that sets the rules and regulations governing its members.

The functions of an HOA cover various areas related to community development. The members are asked to pay regular fees which are used to start projects and maintain facilities such as gardens and parks around the neighborhood. HOAs also set the guidelines for how all houses in the community should look like.

With that being said, pursuing a home improvement or renovation project can be difficult as you are asked to comply with HOA rules and, to that effect, you must get your projects approved by the board. Avoiding compliance with these rules could result in a costly and arduous lawsuit.

It all depends on the HOA you are dealing with, but what’s certain is that you are unable to do whatever you want with your home. The easy way to get around this problem is to become a part of an HOA board yourself. Once you get appointed and obtain an HOA board member certification, you can have direct participation in community decision-making and policy formulation.

It’s a long and complicated process, so for now you can apply these easy tips to get your home renovation activities approved by your HOA.

Know what common properties are

The term common properties typically applies to structural fixtures around a house or condo. Examples of these are staircases, walls, floors, and ceilings. Usually, common properties require approval from an HOA. Knowing about the renovations you can implement can help you avoid violating HOA rules.

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Get to know your members

Having a good reputation around the community will make it easier for you to deal with complicated HOA processes. Take the time to get to know the other members of the HOA and build positive rapport, especially with those who have been living in town for a long time. Build trust, and everyone will definitely help you out with your needs.

Get involved

We all know that meetings are boring, but if you want to know the inner workings of an HOA it is always important to participate in discussions that involve the things that matter to you. Getting involved can also help you become more aware of the most critical issues within the community.

Inform ahead of time

If you want to overhaul the look of, say, your front porch, you will have to inform the HOA about it. It is a better idea to send a written request weeks or even months before your expected start date. This will give the HOA enough time to review your request and have it approved.

Pay your fees

As a member of an HOA, it is part of your responsibility to contribute a certain amount for the development of the community. Paying HOA fees on time saves you the trouble of a slow approval process. What’s more, it makes the other members confident in your commitment to the organization.

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