5 Ways to Elevate Your Minimalist Home

A minimalist living room and dining room in a small apartment.

For good reasons, minimalism has been gaining traction as a popular lifestyle choice for many years. Minimalists enjoy financial freedom, less stress, less decision fatigue, less time wasted cleaning up and organizing, and many other benefits to their mental and physical well-being. If you’re already living in a minimalist home but feel that it’s sometimes a little too Spartan for your taste, keep reading for easy ways to elevate your minimalist home and add coziness without the clutter.

Plant Power

One of the easiest ways to add natural beauty to your home is through the addition of houseplants. Houseplants provide the mental health benefits of mood-boosting and various physical health benefits, although countless studies have shown that house plants purify the air in our home, making them an invaluable art piece that will not be distracting no matter how minimal your aesthetic. Depending on the level of your green thumb, you can opt for easy plants like Pothos, ZZ Plants, or Snake plants. If you’re a more capable gardener, rarer plants or plants like orchids can make beautiful and simple statements on an end table or kitchen island. 

Textural Elements

We decorate our homes with artful things while remaining functional, which is the foundation of a minimalist home. Embrace texture in your minimalist home through throw blankets, toss pillows, rugs, and other textiles. Textiles have the ability to elevate a space through their texture from faux fur, thick chunky knits, and even different fabric types. You can even opt for a patterned textile with a modern print in a different texture than the rest of the piece. Textural differences are especially gorgeous on pillows, bed comforters, quilts, or shower curtains. The texture should always be noticed when the aim is to elevate your home’s environment.

Wall Art

While it’s a given that everything in the minimalist home should bring you joy, as Marie Kondo would say, wall art is not off-limits. Wall art that inspires or speaks to you can be a priceless addition to your home, whether original art or print. You don’t even have to commit to anchoring or nailing in wall art if you’re the type of minimalist whose taste changes often. Opt instead to display wall art on command hooks for damage-free hanging or set them on shelves. 

Functional Furniture

A clutter-free home means a clutter-free mind; for many minimalists, this is the end game when decorating their homes. A great way to keep your home clutter-free is, instead of buying multiple baskets to house all the items that come along with being a parent or being a student, investing in functional furniture is your best bet. Furniture with built-in storage is a must for the minimalist home to maintain sleek lines and a clean appearance. Though you may own fewer possessions, the amount of time it takes to clean up is less for the average homeowner in general; functional furniture makes cleaning up even a minimalist’s home a breeze!

Modern Accents

While furniture trends come and go, not to mention things as simple as lamps, the hardware in your home also does. Updating your minimalist home’s cabinet and furniture hardware can quickly elevate and modernize your space. If you haven’t swapped out your kitchen cabinet knobs and drawer pulls since you moved in, it’s time. In addition to kitchens and bathrooms, even dressers in the bedroom are an excellent place to elevate your room’s aesthetic through new hardware. Other accents to modernize are shower heads, kitchen and bathroom faucets, and doorknobs. Since a minimalist home focuses less on possessions but on appearance, updating these to a more modern appearance can give a more tasteful design to your home in an easy weekend DIY project. 

Minimalism has profound benefits for the people that choose the lifestyle. If it’s something you’ve been thinking about adopting for yourself and your family, there are countless resources online to start you on your journey. The important thing to remember is there are no hard and fast rules to decorating or living as a minimalist. You don’t have to get rid of everything own, but you should declutter the items you don’t love or no longer serve you. Start enjoying the beautiful benefits today.

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