5 Ways to Turn Your Garden From Drab to Fab

A small front yard with flowers and a white picket fence.

If you are fortunate enough to have a garden you really want a space you can be proud of. With land in high demand, growing cities, and rising property prices a garden is somewhat of a luxury. But you don’t always need a huge budget to make your garden a little piece of paradise, which is fantastic considering just how much landscaping can boost the value of your property.

There are several ways to spruce up your garden no matter the size of the budget, or the size of your outdoor area. You could consider incorporating elements from the following ideas to enhance the natural beauty and function of your garden retreat.

Splashy Centrepiece 

One of the more costly, but also one of the most show-stopping ways to upscale your garden is to choose a fountain for your outdoor space. Once you begin looking, the variety available will astound you. Everything from natural-looking rock pools to modern art sculptures and whatever’s in between.

Your garden will immediately look more classy! Just remember that fountains require some maintenance in order to keep functioning correctly and the last thing you want is a dirty, smelly fountain from lack of care. The extreme variety available means you will be able to find the most elegant water feature that will compliment your theme choice. Therefore you won’t have to adjust any aspects of your dream garden simply to find the perfect centrepiece. 

A garden fountain.

A Romantic Arbour

There is nothing more romantic and beautiful than a detailed, custom-built arbour overgrown with your choice of creeper or vine. There are many plants to choose from – the fairy garden feels wisteria, the deeply scented jasmine, the classic rose. Your garden will immediately have an inviting feel with the addition of an arbour. If you are brave enough, you can even tackle it as a DIY project.

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This idea will work perfectly for smaller spaces as well, which makes it a most practical solution to add charm to your garden area in a matter of moments. If you really want to detail the romanticism of your garden’s design, you should also consider including a few candles and aromatic plants and herbs that will boost the general atmosphere and relaxation within the space. When creating a romantic garden design, it is best to incorporate as many smaller details as possible, such as outdoor lights.

A garden bench with pink roses.

Put the Zen into your Zone

While this may prove costly for a larger yard and garden, a smaller space without a lawn can turn into your own little safe haven with some Japanese style landscaping. Rockeries, pebbles, small wooden stairs, conifers and ferns are some of the integral parts of this aesthetic. If well planned, it can really update the space to feel more modern as well as more peaceful and meditative. 

A serene Japanese garden.

Garden To Table

If lavish landscapes aren’t enough for you and you want the land to serve a purpose while maintaining a sense of style and elegance, then a potager garden might just be for you! A traditional French style of garden, a potager garden consists of numerous small beds laid out in a pattern or style of your choosing.

But the key aspect is what grows in them! Fruits, herbs and vegetables which can be plucked fresh from the garden for a home-cooked meal. If your garden area is quite small, you could opt for the solution of a small notably thriving herb garden and make use of fresh herbs such as mint, coriander, rocket, and countless others to spice up your meals. Herbs are incredibly easy to grow, which means you won’t even need magical green thumbs for this perfect idea.

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A garden planter with cucumbers.


This one is perhaps the simplest of them all but has such enormous potential. A mirror. In interior design, mirrors are often used to reflect light and give the illusion of space. A mirror can serve a similar purpose in a small garden space. Especially when placement is carefully thought out and plants around it and in front of it use to best effect. It becomes a little piece of art. 

I hope these five little ideas go on to spark your own creativity as you choose to take your garden from drab to fab! However, when including a mirror to your outdoor space, it is crucial to clean the mirror regularly to prevent the area from appearing shabby. It would also be a great idea to place your mirror strategically so that it won’t be too exposed to the elements. 

A reflective surface placed in a garden.

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