7 Ceiling Design Ideas for Your Dining Room

Your home design is not complete without a functional and fine-looking dining room ceiling. Yet many homeowners focus much more on floors, walls, furniture, and forget to look overhead.

A modern living room with a dining table and chairs featuring a stylish dining room ceiling.

So instead of the ordinary dull-looking white ceiling, you want to explore more creative dining room ceiling design ideas.

Luckily, there’s no limit to what you can do to a dinner room ceiling. Apart from trying different shapes, styles and colors, you can also go with the various ceiling materials.

Blend Your Ceiling into Your Dining Room Design

A living room with large windows and high ceiling overlooking the ocean.

Anyone can tweak their dining room ceiling to match an existing theme, whether you have a huge dining hall or a sizable one.

Some ceiling designs may involve architectural work, while others are as simple as doing some paintwork, adding a wallpaper, incorporating art and craft, and so on.

A bed in a room with wooden floors and a skylight located under a dining room ceiling.

A living room with hardwood floors and a fireplace.

To get a uniform design, make sure you choose a ceiling that blends with your furniture, flooring, and decoration.

Again, what fits one space may look weird in another set up. For instance, an arched ceiling looks good in an antique dining room, but is definitely not the right pick for a modern-style refectory.

Dining Room Ceiling Design Ideas

1. Sunken/Coffered ceiling

A room with a fireplace and a view of the ocean.

A bedroom with blue walls and a fireplace.

If you’re familiar with the idea of a sunken floor then a sunken or coffered ceiling is the direct opposite.

Instead of a flat ceiling, sink a focal point of any shape, whether round, rectangle or triangle to act as the overhead focal point in your dining hall.

If you like, you can make the sunken area more attractive by painting or decorating it.

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2. Tiled Ceiling

A home office with wood paneling and a rug, featuring a dining room ceiling.

Adding elements of mosaic on a ceiling is a unique twist. It brings back the detail in the old cathedrals and looks even better in a dome-shape ceiling.

3. Striped ceiling

A room with a ceiling fan.

Stripes can help engage an idle ceiling without messing up your design. This can be achieved by painting or adding a striped wallpaper that matches your theme.

4. Curved ceiling

A bedroom with a zebra print bed.

A kitchen with a high dining room ceiling, bar stools, and a wine cellar.

An arched or curved ceiling is a unique twist, especially if you have an old-style meal-area.

Curved ceilings can be further decorated with drawings and art-and-craft designs for a luxurious classic look.

5. Exposed-beam ceiling

A living room with a green couch and a dining room ceiling.

If industrial and rustic are the dominant themes in your home then an exposed beam and brick ceiling can help complement its looks.

Flaunt all elements of architecture like wooden beans, bricks and plumbing material to achieve an industrial appeal.

6. Metal-plate ceiling

A modern living room with a wooden dining room ceiling.

Installing a thin pre-designed metallic plate on your ceiling is an excellent way to add industrial elements to your modern kitchen.

Indeed, it shouts industrial, but it looks better when used to break the material monotony in modern designs.

7. Wooden ceiling

A home office with a fireplace.

Wooden ceilings can fit in any space and offer you the flexibility you need when it comes to stains, hues and styles.

Natural wood is perfect for a dining room ceiling because it is durable and stain resistant. It is also easy to refurbish, and the best pick for cold areas.







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