7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Pressure Washing Services To Clean Your Home’s Exterior Regularly

A man pressure washing a house.

Pressure washing is the easiest way to get the exterior of your house looking its best. Yet, it also has hidden health benefits few people consider. Because of these, regularly pressure washing the outside of your house is more important than you may have thought.

Here are seven reasons why you should hire pressure washing services regularly:

1. Eliminate Build-up

Over time, dirt and grime can accumulate on the exterior of your house. When substantial amounts have built up, it can be a tougher job to get it looking squeaky clean again. However, if you routinely have your home’s exterior pressure washed, it’ll be a much easier job to remove the grime! Everyone wants their house to look it’s best, so the best way to ensure this is to pressure wash it regularly.

2. It Can Be Eco-friendly

The world is moving to environmentally conscious ways of going about all of our activities, and pressure washing is no exception. So, it makes sense that the idea of pressure washing is daunting to the environmentally conscious consumer, because of the water waste involved. But never fear! Many pressure washing companies provide eco-friendly options when it comes to their services. If you’re local to Pennsylvania, you can find plenty of reputable companies that do pressure washing in Downingtown.

Besides, if you pressure wash your house regularly using these eco-friendly methods, you won’t get a grime build up, meaning it’ll take less water to clean.

It can be easy to overlook pressure washing as unnecessary waste of water, but there are many benefits of keeping the exterior of your home squeaky clean! Because of this, it’s better to find an eco-friendly company to pressure wash than to skip it all together.

3. Remove Mildew And Mold

No one wants mildew or mold hanging around their property’s exterior. It can cause minor irritation, such as coughing, sneezing, and wheezing if left untreated. But it can also have harmful and long-term effects on the body. If mold and mildew is not removed, symptoms will only worsen with time. Just as the grime builds up on the outside of your house, the effects of mildew can build-up in your system. So, eliminating the mildew with a pressure washing service and will help prevent your symptoms from worsening; in fact, it should wipe them out altogether!

A man using a pressure washer to clean a brick walkway regularly.
Outdoor floor worker cleaning with high pressure water jet

Removing mold and mildew is especially important if you live in a household with children. Along with those with lung conditions (such as asthma), people with compromised immune systems and the elderly, children are highly susceptible to the effects of mildew—even more so if they play outside. Pressure washing is an easy way to help your children’s airways stay clear.

Mildew and mold growth can also weaken the immune system. This part of the body is your best line of defense against any bacteria or viruses, so don’t dampen your defenses needlessly when the fix could be simple.

4. Sanitation And Disinfecting

Most people worry about the germs they come in contact with on a daily basis, but there’s never been a time in recent history where sanitation has been more important than right now. Home should be a place where we don’t have to think about that fear as much. Thankfully, regular pressure washing can help sanitize and disinfect your house! Pressure washing keeps your house’s exteriors safe and clean, protecting you and your family from unwanted germs. Hiring a professional pressure-washing company will ensure that the cleaning process is done safely and effectively.

5. Rid Your Exterior Of Allergens

Pressure washing regularly can also help with other allergens. Substances like pollen can stick to your house—especially in the spring—flaring up your allergies when you’re around your house. Enough build up and you may start to feel the effects of your allergies inside, and no one wants that. In fact, making sure you regularly clean all outdoor parts of your home is important, including items such as patio furniture. A professional team will be able to do this, too, without damaging anything.

Regular pressure washing can keep the allergens away, your sinus’ clear, and make allergy season a whole lot easier to cope with!

6. Wash Away Smoke And Soot

You may not think regularly about soot and smoke particles clinging to your house and beginning to build up. But, if you have a chimney, residue from the smoke will eventually start to build up outside. You may not even notice, as it happens gradually, but you’re sure to see a big difference once it’s clean. In fact, you’ll probably see how clean it can be and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! Regular pressure washing ensures that soot doesn’t make your house look too dingy, and protects the paint, too. In the process, it also helps improve curb appeal.

Even if you don’t regularly use your chimney, your neighbor’s chimneys may have blown some your way. Besides, smoke can come from other places too. Grills for backyard barbecues are likely to create a soot build-up eventually, too.

7. It’s Easy!

If you hire pressure washing services, there’s no need to haul out a machine and spend the day working to clean every inch of your house’s exterior. Experienced professionals know how to clean properly without causing any damage to your property or garden. They’ll also make sure to spray every inch of your exterior, without missing parts you may otherwise overlook.

Hiring someone to pressure wash your house is easy and, with the right company, can be cost effective, too.


There are many benefits to pressure washing your house. From aesthetic desires to health concerns, pressure washing can be an easy and positive improvement to your house. Doing so frequently can ensure your house doesn’t collect a build-up of dirt and grime. Once you get in the routine, it won’t be something that slips your mind to schedule! If any of this information piques your interest, it may be time to find a local company within your price range and start the pressure washing process.





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