A Complete Guide To Repairing A Dishwasher

A man purchasing a home warranty for a dishwasher.

Appliances help make everyday life convenient, as they get the job done faster and more efficiently. When purchased newly, they are at their optimum state of performance. Currently, electronic gadgets like dishwashers consume less energy and water, which saves money and improve efficiency. However, over time, some parts tend to break and malfunction, thereby reducing the efficiency of the machine. In this case, an individual may contemplate repairing or replacing the gadget entirely.

If the dishwasher has a warranty that is still valid, then it is ideal to have it repaired. However, it all boils down to finding an authorized electronic repair shop that can handle the faulty gadget according to the warranty. In this case, such a person does not have to pay for repair costs.

What to Consider Before Repairing A Dishwasher

Often, the question on the lips of most dishwasher owners is this, “is it worth the repairs?” If the faulty component is not overly expensive to purchase or almost impossible to come by, then consider repairing the dishwasher. In some cases, replacement may include a pressure switch, door seal, drain pump, soap dispenser, and may even extend to the circulation pump.

If the cost of repairs is almost the same as the price of a new dishwasher, then it would be ideal to purchase a new one. Under the best of circumstances, repair costs should be less than 50 percent of the gadget’s cost price. Some other factors to consider include:

1. Age of the Machine

Before repairing a machine, find out how long it has been in use. A dishwasher that has been in operation for more than ten years will need a replacement, as it has exceeded its life span. Also, components of older models are hard to come by. Another reason to change such a gadget is the fact that it is not as efficient as the new models. Fixing an old dishwasher does not guarantee that it will function optimally for long. Hence, users are advised to purchase new dishwashers.

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2. Brand

Product branding influences the cost of repairs, and dishwashers are not exempted. Some brands have more accessible replacement parts than others, which means that the cost of repairs will be lower. However, considering this factor from another angle, some components are expensive to purchase, even though they are available – this depends on the brand. For example, Samsung replacements tend to gravitate to a higher price range, while other less-known brands are cheaper to buy.

But one thing stands out, dishwashers from generic brands have higher chances of malfunctioning than those from notable brands. So, even though the repair cost is relatively cheap, owners may find themselves in an endless loop of repairs, which is uneconomical in the long run.

3. Availability of Parts

If the dishwasher parts are easy to find, a user may spend less money repairing the faulty dishwasher. On the other hand, if they are not easily accessible, then the repairman would devote more time and other resources to source for these parts, which will, in turn, increase the bill.

4. Location

Depending on the distance between an individual’s home and the repair company’s site, such a person may either pay the standard fee or premium for repair services. The greater the distance, the more the repair cost would increase, as there will be an inclusive travel fee.

5. Experience

It is no news that highly-trained maintenance specialists tend to charge more in repair costs; this is as a result of the extensive training and experience that they have gathered over the years. So, such experts would charge more than a regular repairman with less technical know-how. Besides, professional repair companies offer value for money.

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6. Type of Repair

Depending on the fault of a dishwasher, an individual may have to make payments ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars. If the faulty component is cheap and easy to get, then expect to pay less in repairs. More expensive defective parts attract high repair costs.

What is the Cost of Repairs?

Dishwashers are highly efficient as they help to wash and clean dirty dishes. Furthermore, they save resources, including money, time, and energy. It is known that an average homeowner can save up to 230 hours a year by using a dishwasher; this is equivalent to having ten free days to take on other activities. For this reason, if the machine is faulty, then it will be more demanding and time-consuming to clean the dishes.

Repairing a dishwasher may cost between $10 to $800, depending on what part of the machine is faulty. Also, remember that brand and other factors influence this cost. However, on a national scale, homeowners are known to pay an average of $300 for repairs.

Having understood the importance of having a highly-efficient dishwasher, a homeowner must always maintain this device and service it when due. To save more in repair costs, endeavour to fix small noticeable faults immediately before they graduate to more significant problems.

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