Bend, Oregon: Why It’s An Undiscovered Real Estate Gem

A scenic view of Bend, Oregon showcasing the majestic mountains in the background.

Bend, Oregon is among the most sought-after cities to live not just in Oregon, but in the entire country. The place has seen a significant surge in popularity over the last few decades, be it for real estate or tourism. Today Bend stands as one of the best cities in the United States of America in terms of living standards, natural beauty, and the local community.

Today we will find out more about Bend as a city and what makes it ideal for living, be it alone or with family.

Every day is a vacation in Bend

Cities can be of many types. Some cities are primarily industrial, some are called university towns, and some are tourist cities. While Bend is not a 100% tourist city, it does have many characteristics of the same. When you look at the Bend, Oregon map, you will see many tourist attractions dotted all over. If you are thinking about moving to Bend, this would be something you would surely look forward to. Business Insider has ranked Bend as one of the best tourist destinations in the United States, and so have many other organizations and surveys. Located at the foot of the Cascade Mountains, living in Bend gets as close to nature as possible.

Living close to nature without missing out on modern amenities

We often have a general idea in our mind about living close to nature, and it does not take into account the need for basic amenities. When living in Bend, you do not have to sacrifice the comforts of urban living, while not having to deal with the crowd and traffic of them. Despite being very close to nature, Bend is well-connected to nearby urban centers and has a thriving urban center within its boundaries. When living in Bend, you will surely not miss out on any modern amenities.

The weather in Bend is gorgeous

When you are thinking about moving to a new place, you must also think about the weather in that place. While we don’t deem it to be very important, harsh weather can reduce the quality of your life in a new place, especially if you haven’t grown up in such weather.

Bend has the ideal weather for the average American – there are bright sunny days without the mercury going too high. You will enjoy the beauty of the clear skies without dealing with unbearable heat. Overall, the weather is very comfortable for day-to-day living.

Reasonable cost of living

Let us clarify beforehand that Bend is not cheap. Buying a house would have cost you around $481,555 in 2020, which is on the higher side when compared with adjacent suburbs and rural areas. However, when you compare it to another major city, the cost of living is quite reasonable. It is neither too low nor exorbitantly high. If you have above-average annual or monthly income, you can live comfortably in Bend. Apart from real estate, the general expense of everyday living is quite low. While it may not be the best place to save money, it can help you retain your lifestyle comfortably.

Bend is a growing spot for new ventures

Over the past few years, Bend has become a hotspot for entrepreneurship. The map of Bend, Oregon has transformed due to this influx of entrepreneurship. If you want to finally embark on your dream, moving to Bend would be a great idea. The newly launched 1001 tech center is testimony to the growing business scene in the city. There are many startups in the area along with regional venture capitalists. The tech space, in particular, is growing exponentially. If you have always dreamt about building your own business, now is the perfect time to move to Bend.

Bend is rich in culture

Some of us love the arts and would be more than happy to move to a place with a good sense of art and culture. Bend ticks that box and places like The Workhouse keep that tradition alive. Whether you love music or painting or dancing, you will find like-minded people in Bend, Oregon. You can visit the local Les Schwab Amphitheater to get a complete experience of Bend’s cultural atmosphere. You will always find some of the other events going on, and Bend will keep you entertained across the year.

Moving to Bend is easy

When you look at the Bend, Oregon map, you will see that it has plenty of available properties for people to move in. You will not have problems finding a suitable property in the city if you are working with the right real estate agent. The real estate market of the region has been blooming for the past few years and now there are many houses available for sale.


We hope our brief guide to living in Bend, Oregon will help you decide whether you want to move there or not. You can rest assured that moving to Bend would be a fun-filled journey and there’s a lot to explore in and around the city.

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