Best Places to Find Homes with Charm and Character

A row of brick houses in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada — Best Places.

With a booming economy, many new homes are being built in master-planned communities, for top dollar. The frenzy of homebuyers for new homes seems endless around the country as more people make enough money to afford them. However, many people would prefer to buy an older home they can renovate to meet their lifestyle needs. Unlike new construction homes that are “cookie cutter” designs where the first house looks just like the last one, while older homes are dripping with charm and character. 

Sprawling Properties in Wisconsin

Having an older property on a large parcel of land is paradise on earth for those who are looking to spread out, and not be bothered by neighbors living on top of them. Nowhere embodies that spirit better than Wisconsin, with charming homes, set on gorgeous lands. These older properties are full of character, that they have earned over decades of life. For the most part, Bristol, and Kenosha Wisconsin properties provide exactly what you would expect from a more rural area, where everyone knows each other, and life can be a bit slower. Families and retired folks alike move to this area to renovate older homes, into their dream properties, so they can experience that lifestyle for years to come. 

Historic Homes in Miami Florida

No matter where you are from, there is no doubt that you have heard about Miami Florida. Known as an international destination, Miami provides so many lifestyle choices, with many different types of homes and historic Real Estate to choose from. Of course, most people know about the mega mansions, beachfront condos, and modern properties in Miami. However, many people don’t know that there are historic homes that date back to the 1800’s throughout Dade County Florida. They are unique architectural designed homes, that have more character in the bathrooms, then most homes have today. Generally, these types of homes are pricey, and there are rules and regulations you must follow, if you plan to own one. But if you are lucky enough to be able to buy a historic home in Miami, you probably will never sell it again.

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Treasure Coast Waterfront Retreats

Located in South Florida, just north of The Palm Beaches is The Treasure Coast. Partially set on a natural Barrier Reef, The Treasure Coast is known as one of Florida’s last natural wonders. As with the rest of the Country, you can find new construction homes and communities. But if you take a deeper look you can find older homes for sale, that will take you back in time, the moment you set your eyes on them. Many properties are set directly on the St Lucie River which provides an active, outdoor lifestyle to be enjoyed. These charming properties tend to be smaller than more modern homes. But you can renovate them and expand their footprints, bringing in modern creature comforts, to compliment the character they embody. 


These days you have the best places to live, with charming properties and gorgeous natural backdrops. Of course, the price of Real Estate certainly drives the local market and some areas are more expensive over-all, than others. It is important to do your due diligence whenever you want to buy a home. Research the prices for properties before the renovation costs. Along with the cost of living the lifestyle you want to maintain. All these costs will help determine the best area for you to live. No matter what your budget is, you can find older homes with character and charm that you can make your own affordably.

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