Best Tips About Choosing Solar Panels for Your Home

A house with solar panels on the roof.

Alternative sources of energy are gaining popularity all over the world. Regular use of renewable energy protects the environment and saves your money. The solar power, which is used by solar panels, is a great unlimited resource, which can satisfy any private or industrial requirements. There is a wide variety of solar panels, and each option is powerful enough to produce a large amount of energy. For instance, 400 watt solar panel provides more than 120 amp hours every day.

Solar panels are also called PV panels because of the photovoltaic effect, which allows converting the sunlight into electricity. There are a lot of companies that offer diverse PV panels, and some of the popular on the market are Panasonic Eco Solutions, Solaria, Canadian Solar, Mission Solar, Hanwha Q CELLS USA. These facilities propose you both get qualitative electricity and economize by purchasing a solar panel 400 watt.

The advantages of choosing solar panels:

  • Easy, quick, and convenient installation

  • Security, longevity, and strength

  • Full energy self-sufficiency and independence

The choice of solar energy gives an opportunity to be free from electricity price fluctuations and power surges. Moreover, having solar panels allows living in an outfield, which is not connected to the main electric grid. Additionally, there is no necessity in electric poles and cabling system settings as well as dealing with large payments.

There are two best solar panels types for your home:

  • Monocrystalline Panels

  • Polycrystalline Panels

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

High-grade qualitative monocrystalline silicon is a material that is used for making Monocrystalline PV appliances. The present type is famous for its efficiency and reliability. The peculiarities of monocrystalline silicon ensure:

  • Energy converting effectiveness – 16-18%

  • High power productivity regardless of low light conditions (equal efficiency in all seasons)

Monocrystalline solar appliances will be a great choice for places with small installation areas like recreational vehicles and marine ships.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

A positive sign of Polycrystalline PV appliances is their affordability. This type demands fewer expenses in comparison with the apparatuses that are made of monocrystalline silicon.

Although polycrystalline apparatuses are less effective than the previous type, the difference in productivity is insignificant. Therefore, the systems, which are created of a big number of crystallites of various sizes and different orientations, will be an excellent option for residential houses and large industrial buildings. Polycrystalline PV panels are a great proposition for those who do not need to get the maximal level of energy from 1 watt.

How to Prepare for the Purchase of Solar Panels?

Before buying a solar system, it is important to definite your main goals of such a purchase and to consider your requirements, preferences, and special wishes. It is necessary because the choice of the mechanism type, the number of the needed appliances, and their capacity depend on the special features of every order. For example, to determine the necessary amount of energy, it is mandatory to take into consideration the building size and all house devices like a refrigerator, hairdryer, iron, washing machine, etc.

It is significant to take account of weather conditions of a certain region, which influence the intension of sun rays. In addition, the professional technicians will help you to deal with DC to AC losses and the battery charge or discharge wastage.

Of course, a part of the preparation for setting solar panels is the choice of the brand. The best variant is a manufacture with multiyear experience and a qualified team, which uses the latest technological innovations. Such enterprises as Panasonic Eco Solutions and Canadian Solar guarantee high-quality workflow and installation of reliable and durable solar panels.

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