Considering a Company Relocation or Trying to Open a New Branch? Here’s Some Advice from Logistics Experts

A man assisting with company relocation by loading boxes into a moving truck.

There is a myriad of reasons that businesses choose to shift to new properties or expand their operations to additional buildings, but canvassers were able to pinpoint the top four motivators:

  1. Taking advantage of inexpensive real estate elsewhere.
  2. Gaining access to emerging markets and budding areas with desirable talent.
  3. Increasing target market accessibility, foot traffic, or brand exposure.
  4. Seizing growth opportunities by upping the number of operative locations.

Relocating a business used to be a taxing, undesirable course of action, but companies around the United Kingdom are becoming more comfortable with shifting properties every couple of years. However, this poses a host of logistical and procedural concerns that must be addressed in a shrewd fashion.

How Often Do Businesses Move or Open New Sites?

As stated in a brand new report published by industry experts, several in-depth corporate surveys found that UK firms are repositioning themselves and shifting to new buildings with extraordinary frequency:

  • At any given point in time, upwards of 24% of 5.5 million private sector entities are readying for a relocation or branch opening, the vast majority of which state that they expect to initiate their efforts sometime within the next 10-14 months.
  • The cumulative number of non-domestic property transactions valued above £40,000 has surged during the past five years, which means that leasing space isn’t the only route for businesses. In 2013 there were approximately 100,000 transactions, compared to almost 130,000 over the last 12 months.
  • A Business Insider report corroborated by the UBS concluded that roughly 45% of EU companies with branches in UK population centres are also planning to move all or some of their operations in the foreseeable future.
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As such, it is now more important than ever for both proprietors and corporations to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with a resourceful logistics team, ideally, a long-standing company that can deliver comprehensive removals, transfers, and storage solutions.

Why Should I Partner With a Removals Expert?

Irrespective of whether you’re preparing to move locally, cross country, or internationally, every one of your logistical concerns can be resolved simply by coordinating your efforts with a trusted local firm, such Arrowpak removals in Norwich, for instance.

Their in-house technicians are incredibly skilled, responsive, and highly trained, which means that they can handle the entire process on your behalf, including all of the dismantling, packing, transferring, unloading, and reassembling requirements.

These adaptable organisations are able to deliver an expansive fleet of conveyance vehicles and some of the most sophisticated equipment in the entire removals industry, not to mention the fact that the safe, secure, and organised transfer of your essentials is guaranteed and backed by ironclad protection policies.

The service is economical, and they can also facilitate affordable residential removals as well; so don’t hesitate to visit their landing page to request your personal survey appointment.

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