Family-Friendly Ideas for Decorating a Large Bedroom

A bedroom with a bed, a rug, and a window.

We spend almost a third of our lives in the bedroom, or eight hours daily, for the rest of our lives. This is more than any other room in the home and more time than most people spend at the office.

Whether it makes the bedroom the most important place in our lives is debatable. However, given the figures, no one can deny the need to make the room as inviting and comfortable as possible. Otherwise, your quality of life can be quickly compromised.

Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to decorate the bedroom. The following are nine practical ideas for decorating a large bedroom without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Pick the perfect bed frame

Space utilization in a large bedroom starts with the bed. A poor bed choice can make the space look too big and disorganized or too small and cluttered. So, pick the right size, right style, and perfect quality. If you’re not decided on a style, draw inspiration from the rest of the home.

2. Find the perfect headboard

If you already have a good bed but feel you need to freshen it up, a new headboard works like magic. Make sure it’s large enough to overpower the space and stylish enough to complement the bedroom décor or even set the tone for the décor. Most importantly, consider a headboard with built-in storage.

3. Find a good color scheme

The most important thing to remember here is that light colors make large spaces appear even larger while darker colors have the opposite effect. Additionally, vivid or bold colors improve energy and alertness. On the other end, neutral colors are perfect when creating a sense of calm. However, you can also opt for dramatic colors.

Bedroom with a view

Color Bedroom

4. Great lighting makes everything better

Switching your lighting fixtures can instantly transform your bedroom. For instance, dimmer lights improve the sense of relaxation and comfort. However, the best idea is to layer your lighting system to maximize functionality and aesthetics. So, mix floor lamps with bedside lamps, reading lights, and ceiling lights for the best effect. Don’t forget about natural lighting.

5. Fill the walls with art

Leaving the walls blank is one of the worst mistakes you can make when decorating a large bedroom. It makes the area appear even bigger and leaves everything else floating in the space. Luckily, you can cost-effectively fix the problem with art. A gallery wall comprising framed and keepsakes will do the trick.

6. Consider wallpaper

In addition, or as an alternative to artwork, you should also consider wallpaper to add splashes of color and texture to your bedroom. The main advantage of wallpaper is that it’s affordable and easy to install and remove. Feel free to get a wall-to-wall mural wallpaper from a local artist or online.

Consider wallpaper

7. Warm-up things with fabrics

Fabrics can transform your bedroom in many ways. For instance, the right selection of fabrics adds pops of color to reinforce your overall color scheme. Fabrics can also add much-needed texture. Above all, fabrics increase warmth. So, add them everywhere, from the walls to the floor, and mix up the colors and patterns as much as you wish.

8. Build a mini home office in the room

Conquering a large space can be challenging, especially if your bed is small. An easy way to use up some of the extra floor space is to create a mini office in one of the corners. Bring a sizeable office desk and comfortable chair and set up a desktop at the station. You now have somewhere to get some work done.

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9. Bring in large houseplants

The benefits of houseplants are obvious. They alleviate stress and anxiety and purify the air by removing toxins such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while adding valuable oxygen to indoor air. However, avoid smaller plants in large bedrooms. Instead, bring in huge plants. Croton, monstera, and birds of paradise are excellent choices.

10. Add window treatments

Eye-catching windows add so much substance to the bedroom. So, one of the ideas for decorating a large bedroom is to let your windows do the talking. Dress up the casements with voluminous pairs of drapery to create a luxe scene, and don’t forget to use the opportunity to accent your bedroom. Just make sure you don’t block out natural light.

11. Finish off with ample storage

Keeping your bedroom organized and tidy should be a top priority to keep the area stunning and inviting. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible without sufficient storage locations. Install fitted cabinetry for additional storage and consider extra standalone cabinets for extra storage space. You can also install floating shelves and invest in multifunctional furniture for extra storage.


The are many other ideas for decorating a large bedroom. However, the eleven points above should provide a solid foundation as you get started with the project.

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