Floor Tiles and Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

A modern patio with outdoor porcelain tiles.

About 40,000 years ago, when humans are supposed to live in caves, they drew animal sketches onto the cave walls. While there are many theories about this relic of pre-historic cave painting, it is also the first depiction of home decor. Designing and decorating the floors of our home is almost a natural instinct, inherent among us with individual taste and aesthetics. Today, nothing influences the interior or exterior home decorations like the floor tiles and outdoor porcelain tiles.

Floor Tiles for Interiors and Exterior

An outdoor wooden deck with a table and chairs.

Floor is the ground based on what the whole structure and the roof is built on. It can also be treated as a canvas, showcasing the elegance and the personality of the home owner. Being such an integral part of a house, floors have seen a hoax of materials used to build them, to make them more robust, or to design them with individual personalities and taste.

People use anything from soil, bricks, wood, stones, tiles, etc. to build the floor of their home. Over the years, they also have been using sophisticated decoration techniques like terracotta, mosaics to design and decorate their floors. However, as the time goes by, one trend replaces the other, and in doing so, we often find a better, more durable solutions to decorate our home.

So, gone are the days when ancient Rome inspired a global phenomenon about using mosaic tiles in decorating the floors. Instead, it has now been replaced with a variety of floor tiles the latest of which is porcelain tiles and stoneware. Durable, stylish, and highly customizable; floor tiles are being used all over the world to decorate the floors of houses, offices, restaurants, and other personal and commercial properties.

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Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

An outdoor patio with furniture and a pergola featuring outdoor porcelain tiles.

When it comes to outdoor floors, some technical aspects of the tiles used also need to be considered along with the aesthetic appeals. The best outdoor tiles are the ones that are resistant to weather and temperature, resistant to slips, and last for a long period of time. Outdoor porcelain tiles, especially Made in Italy, fulfil all these criteria and more.

It is a special type of ceramic tile, made using unique materials to keep the water absorption coefficient of less than 0.5%. It is both frost-proof and resistant to sudden changes of temperature. It also doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, making it perfect for outdoor settings.

Stylish and versatile, outdoor porcelain tiles can be used to achieve the appearance of any other materials – marble, wood, bricks, slabs, etc. Some of the most common porcelain tiles are:

  • Wood-look porcelain stoneware
  • Brick-look stoneware tiles
  • Travertine-look stoneware tiles
  • Stone-look stoneware tiles
  • Terracotta-look stoneware tiles
  • Marble-look stoneware tiles
  • Slate-look stoneware tiles

Each of the styles is also usually available in different sizes. Moreover, you would also find a lot of color options to choose from.

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