How Can Acoustic Panels Improve the Sound Quality of Large Living Spaces

A living room with blue acoustic panels.

Sound is an incredibly dynamic thing. Your sense of hearing is versatile, affected by all kinds of factors. Whether you are an active listener or just want to get a good sound on your stereo, there are so many factors that go into improving the acoustics of large spaces. When it comes to large venues, homes, and other places, the sound should be enhanced by the things found in the space. One way to do so is to use acoustic panels. Below are how acoustic panels for walls can improve the sound quality of large spaces.

It Keeps the Sound Inside

In a large space, you need to keep as much of the sound inside the room as possible. Believe it or not, sound can escape through the walls. Depending on what the walls are made of and how large the space is, the quality of sound will go down if it is escaping. The more it can be heard on the other side of the wall, the more the quality degrades. Acoustic wall panels can stop sound from leaving the room, keeping it inside and increasing the quality of whatever sound system is in the room.

It Bounces off the Walls

Another way that acoustic panels improve the quality of the sound in a large room is that it bounces off them. Not only do acoustic panels keep the sound in the space, it does so by providing a hard space for the sound to bounce off of. This improves what is known as the acoustics of the room. Good acoustics refers to the ability of the sound to bounce around the room and stay within the space. As the space gets larger, this gets harder and harder to accomplish. Have you noticed that the sound quality of a concert degrades if it is outside? Whatever the sound system, having acoustic panels on the walls makes the sound bounce off, providing higher quality sound at a lower volume.

You Can Turn Down the Volume

Another way to increase the sound quality of the sound system and the room with acoustic panels is the ability to turn down the volume. The higher the volume, the more power needed to make it sound good. Things will always sound better at a lower volume. There are many other factors, but when you hear a very loud show it’s because they have a lot of amps and a lot of power. Kept at a lower volume, the quality of the sound only goes up. In a large space, you need more volume, but the quality degrades. Acoustic panels allow you to turn it down and keep the quality up.

Reduce Reverberation & Background Noise

Acoustic panels are also capable of reducing reverberations and background noise. You want a healthy amount of reverberation in the sound of the room, but too much can change the way that the room sounds. You can have the sounds bounce off the acoustic panels to create the right kind of reverberation. Instead of having the sound travel as far as the room is, you can eliminate unwanted reverb and background noise. With less reverb and noise, you can increase the quality of the sound in a large space.

Absorbs High Frequencies

When it comes to sound, there are usually high frequencies that you want to eliminate. There are plenty of ways to do that, but when you use acoustic panels you can absorb some of those unwanted frequencies and create a warmer, better, and higher quality sound. You can use equipment to eliminate fringe frequencies, but when the room is large you need to work with the physical space.

Acoustic panels can really help you improve the sound of a large room. Whether you are hosting a concert, a festival, or a conference where people will be speaking, acoustic panels can help keep the sound in, help you lower the volume, and absorb high frequencies that are unpleasant. 

So, next time you are working in a large room you should think about installing and mounting acoustic panels that will help you change the overall sound of the room and make the experience better for yours and everyone’s enjoyment. Whether you are using smart speakers at home or putting on a show in a large room, there are plenty of ways to use panels to make the sound better. 

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