How Can Aesthetics Improve Your Melbourne Business’ Success This Year? 6 Helpful Tips

The front of a successful restaurant with a sign that says baker's hen.

Own a business? Then you’re probably always looking for more ways to make it grow or simply survive in a very competitive Melbourne market. We’re here to tell you it’s never too late to try one more thing and that the key to success may not be what you think it is. 

Consider the brands you look up to and you’ll realise aesthetics are part of their value system. So, how can you use exterior—such as signage or outdoor blinds—and any visible aspect of your business to give your brand more of a fighting chance? From colours to cleanliness, it all matters more than you think.  

Clean it Up

You may not have the capital to bring about big changes, so why not start with something simple? In the bustle of your workday, you may not notice your premises, the office, your reception area or even your desk starting to look bad. This needs fixing. 

Of course, your desk will have loose papers lying around but what will visitors think of stacks of paper cluttering the space? That does not communicate order or professionalism. Potential partners or clients may put their trust in a different brand that showcases less chaos. Rather do a good clean-up to start improving your reputation faster than you think.

Audit Your Property—Inside and Out

This same principle applies to your business property. Is your garden tended and do you make sure there’s no litter lying around? What does your building tell others about your company? 

If you have some cash to spend, a coat of paint can transform the office. For the outside, upgrading one feature at a time is a budget-friendly way of continuously managing the aesthetic impact you make on others. You can:

  • Replace an outdated garage door so the old one doesn’t ruin the building’s look.
  • For a patio where visitors gather or the exterior seating of your restaurant, add modern outdoor blinds Melbourne locals can use to hide from the weather; it instantly gives an older building a new feel.
  • Get landscaping done and your company will be noticed between the duller ones in the area.

What are You Wearing?

The people moving around in your office and on your premises are just as important as the general aesthetics. You should create guidelines about office attire to ensure everyone looks presentable.

In our modern society, casual wear is acceptable in many industries, but without proper rules, some employees may come to work looking a little too relaxed. The right type of smart but casual office wear is vital.

Make sure each individual represents the values of your brand, so those they interact with are assured of your brand’s excellence. That’s how you spark more trust in customers and other role players. 

Upgrading Your Signage 

You may be so focused on communicating your message on social media and other digital marketing channels that you forget about other advertising mediums. If you have a brick-and-mortar retail store or an office somewhere in town, there are people passing by every day. If you still have signage from a decade ago, the faded colours could make people doubt the quality of your business.

Apart from giving people peace of mind that you’re still open to receive them, the right design will attract more walk-in customers than your old signs, so you’ll get a return on investment.  

Rethink Your Palette 

While on the topic of colours and designs, consider the colour scheme you’re using in all areas of your business:

  • That paint colour you’re now thinking of using in the office.
  • The design of your signage
  • Which palette you’ll use in your website pages.
  • The colours for outdoor blinds or awnings

With each hue you pick, you’re creating or destroying the opportunity to impress your audience. Dull colours could make your building seem unattractive and the wrong colour can make your office feel smaller than it really is. Talk to experts to help you pick so you create the right effect and even spark positive emotions in people when they see anything related to your brand. 

Fix the Fleet

If your business owns any vehicles you have a mobile representative of your brand driving all across Melbourne. How do those ambassadors look? 

For starters, if your fleet doesn’t have any of your company information on them, you’re missing out on an effective visual method of giving your brand exposure. Secondly, make sure what you display looks professional and that the colours aren’t fading yet.

These small details affect how people view your brand. When they see your fleet, they must see visual proof that you only deliver the best in all circumstances. 

Final Thoughts 

Your service quality is important but visual aspects of your business matter more than you think. Invest a little time and some capital in the aesthetic representation of your Melbourne business and you’ll be making a valuable investment in your business’ performance this year. 

It’s about first impressions. What impressions are you leaving?

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