How to dog proof your home

While they are incredibly adorable when napping, curious dogs can really get up to no good when they are awake. If you’ve got an energetic and inquisitive dog or puppy, it’s important that you make some adjustments to ensure their safety at home.

Here’s a few ideas as to how you can create a safe living environment for your beloved dog:

Keep food out of reach and kitchen cabinets closed

For those who are first-time dog owners, keeping food above your new furry friend’s reach can be a difficult habit to get into. But there are few things worse than rushing your dog to the vet when they’ve consumed a food item that is toxic. Don’t underestimate the acrobatics of your dog—they could even climb on furniture or jump onto tables if there’s something tasty on top. 

Make sure all snacks and food are safely stored on shelves and that you never leave your meal unattended. Keep kitchen cabinets closed so that they can’t rummage around for food when you leave the house. Childproof latches can be helpful if you’ve got a food-motivated dog that won’t give up. 

Place electrical cords out of reach

When a cord is out of sight, it is also out of mind. Try to hide the cords behind your large appliances and electronics, or cover them with an area rug. These can be a deadly chewing hazard for dogs. Because animals, dogs in particular, don’t have the best object permanence, they will forget about the cords if they aren’t visible. 

Safety store small children’s toys or games

Having a dog and young children can feel overwhelming at times, especially when it comes to cleaning. However, it’s crucial that small toys and game pieces are picked up once your child is finished playing. These can be tempting chew toys for dogs and if swallowed, you’ll be on your way to a vet, such as a vet surgery in Brisbane

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When your child is playing with toys, put up a pen or fence that can keep your dog away. 

Keep medications and cleaning supplies on top shelves

Most cleaning supplies and medication are harmful to dogs if ingested, even the smallest amount, which is why should be stored on the highest shelf possible. When you are cleaning, put your dog in a separate room so they aren’t tempted to lick the floors as you wash them. Pet owners who want to be extra safe should avoid cleaning products that contain: bleach, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, or chemicals that contain the word “phenol”. Instead, opt for natural, eco-friendly products that state they are made with a “pet-friendly” formula. 

Get in the habit of closing doors

When you leave your dog behind in the house, close doors to the rooms that you don’t want it to enter. For example, if your pup tends to go through your bathroom garbage every time you leave them alone, close the bathroom door. This way, you can rest assured that they aren’t getting up to any mischief when you’re at work or running errands. 

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