How to Live Comfortably

Two people comfortably sitting in chairs on the beach at sunset.

Living comfortably requires more than just money. Sure, adequate finances help, but a variety of other factors contribute to the overall quality of our lives, especially if we consider the various ways “living comfortably” can be defined; the Apple dictionary, for instance, defines “comfortably” as everything from “in a way that is free from constraint …or stress…or tension…or financial worry” to “in a way that gives as much space as needed or wanted.”

Depending on perspective, things like jobs and family undoubtedly also play a part in how we handle the world around us, as well as how much we enjoy it. Furthermore, it’s not unusual for priorities to change over time, shifting our views on what we consider the most basic of conditions to keep us happy and secure at any one specific point in time. With all that said, however, there are still a few critical and essential components for living our best lives. Take a look:

Educate Yourself

It doesn’t have to be a formal education, but enriching your brain helps you control your life. Nurture curiosity so that you have skills and remain cognizant of the world around you, are open to and appreciative of new experiences and, thus, are equipped to pivot course when necessary.

Be Flexible

Change is hard. It’s also inevitable. Being able to roll with the punches ensures that you respond to different situations with the most productive behaviors, leaving you more satisfied with the results.

Nurture Your Body

Modern medicine is making it easier than ever to be healthy. In addition to treating symptoms, it is allowing us to actually repair many degenerative conditions, almost like a science-backed fountain of youth! For example, clinics like ThriveMD are using stem cells to facilitate tissue regeneration, providing relief and potentially reversing the effects of many common diseases, genetic conditions and injuries. Make use of modern medicine to optimize your well-being, keep you strong and able to live your life with a healthy body and mind.

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Consider Your Purpose

Put simply, living comfortably means being happy. And part of happiness is believing you have a purpose, a reason to exist. Think about what you want out of life and make a commitment to do everything in your power to achieve it. Faith, family, career, politics, social justice: it can be anything that brings meaning to your life and provides a reason for you to wake up each morning with renewed interest in living it.

Stick to a Budget

Of course, to live comfortably, you do have to live within your means. While you don’t necessarily need a lot of money, you do need to have enough to provide a way to protect and support yourself. Manage your money wisely to ensure that you always have enough to survive.

Be Creative

Whether it’s your home, your wardrobe, your work or some other area of your life, seek out ways to be creative. Research shows that creativity contributes to improved well-being, renewing energy and lowering stress for people who take the time to experience, collaborate and create. Creativity isn’t limited to physical art. Anything that makes use of the imagination is a tool for engagement and growth. Possible suggestions include creating a garden in your backyard; decorating a room in your house; learning to sew; or brainstorming a problem at work.


Disorder of any kind inhibits productivity. Clear away the nonessentials in your life so that only the most relevant take up your time, energy and space. This includes both physical and metaphorical messes. If your home is in disarray, clean it up. Remove old, damaged and unwanted items by either donating or selling them to someone who could use them or trashing them altogether. Review your commitments and the services you use to determine if they still provide value or benefit. Cut out unnecessary expenses, as well as toxic people. Make sure that the space surrounding you is filled with only the items you want and need and the people who lift you up and bring you peace.

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Slow Down

Similarly, make an effort to slow down. A mess distracts from happiness, as does rushing from place to place or opportunity to opportunity. Instead of sprinting through life, take time to enjoy the little things. Listen, don’t talk. Look, don’t move. Step back and observe. You could meditate, but you can also simply strive to be mindful of the world’s beauty and your place in it. Many studies indicate that practicing mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety; improves immune responses; and promotes cognitive flexibility, all key components for living comfortably no matter the definition you choose.

Cultivate Relationships

Finally, to live comfortably you need support. Find people who provide comfort and encouragement and who love you in spite of your faults. Offer the same to them in return. According to extensive research, friendships enrich your life, reducing the risk of multiple health problems and bolstering your level of contentment so that you truly can live comfortably! 

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