How to Maximize Space in a Studio Apartment

A 3D rendering of a studio apartment with wooden floors.

Studio apartments are a great accommodation option that is best for locating near work or school without having to shell out huge rental costs. However, studio apartments are quite notorious for offering a limited amount of space, forcing people to live only with essentials, and leaving little to no room for decorating.

However, there are ways to make the best out of the limited space in a small apartment. Here are some ways how you can maximize the space in your studio apartment:

Before moving in, plan it out

One of the biggest mistakes that people commit when moving into a studio apartment is bringing with them too much stuff that would end up not fit to be placed in a small apartment. That is why it is best to take action before moving in.

Stick with the essentials first and leave bulky items non-purposeful items that would just eat up space that could otherwise be allocated to something useful.

Best to make a layout of what you want your studio apartment to look like. And for a more accurate layout, make sure to measure your space, and measure the key items you’re bringing too so you can make sure that they fit. Check out small studio type design ideas so you can have an idea of how others are doing it.

Check out space-saving furniture

There is a growing market for foldable and stackable furniture that is perfect for those with limited space such as a studio apartment. The most common would be folding tables and chairs, but there are also bigger items such as a sofa bed. You can also invest in a bed with under-bed storage so that you can forego a huge cabinet.

Maximize your vertical space

When thinking about space, we are almost always thinking about horizontal space. There is, however, a way for us to maximize vertical space so that we can save some horizontal real estate for other things.

Some of the ways we can make use of vertical space is using a wall-mount for our television instead of using a console table. You may also hang certain items such as pans and pots, allowing you to save horizontal space that would otherwise have been dedicated for cookware storage.

Floating shelves are also a neat alternative to standing cabinets.

Declutter and go Minimalist

Of course, going Marie Kondo to your studio apartment can help you reclaim a lot of space. You will be surprised as to how much unnecessary stuff we keep in our homes, and they are eating up space.

With a small floor area, it is best for you to at least do a spring cleaning and re-evaluate whether certain items are really needed in your studio apartment, or if they can be sold, donated, or thrown away.

Let natural light and breeze come in

Especially in hot areas, you may be compelled to invest in fans. Meanwhile, you may end up investing in lighting fixtures and lamps if you are in a place where natural light doesn’t come in. So where possible, let both light and breeze come in so you can choose to let go of stuff such as huge standing or tower fans.

A bright room would also look good, and will make you feel comfortable, making your small studio apartment cozy.

Small space? No problem!

A studio apartment may not seem a lot, but it can still be a place to call your home. With the right space maximization efforts, you will be able to make the most out of your studio apartment. Follow our tips above so you will be able to proudly turn your apartment into a place that you can call your own.

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