Ice Bucket Best Sellers of 2018

Ice bucket.

Summer is here, which means that you will start organizing dinner parties in the garden with friends and relatives. We all love family reunions especially when we can all sit outside on the porch, talking about family plans and sipping a cold drink. When being the host, you have to consider every aspect of the party, from food to drinks.

Make sure to have everything you need before inviting over your dear ones. Buy enough cutlery, cups, snack, and beverage. One of the most important things when it comes to a party on a hot summer day is ice. Keeping the ice cool in an ice bucket will help maintain the drinks fresh. Read this article for more information about the best ice buckets on the market. They will be perfect for garden parties or other events. Here it is a list of all ice bucket best sellers to help you find the right one.

1. Oggi 7440 Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

A stainless steel ice bucket.
Oggi 7440 Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

This is one of the top models that helps keep the ice cubes fresh. It is made of premium grade stainless steel and it features a flip-up lid through which you can see the interior. The bucket has a capacity of 4 quarts of ice. Therefore, this makes it a great choice for big parties. Furthermore, it also features a padded carry handle.

2. Mr. Ice Bucket 708-1 Regency

Black ice bucket
Mr. Ice Bucket 708-1 Regency

Customers’ reviews indicate that this ice bucket is one of the best you can find this year. It features double walls which are well insulated. It is made from BPA free quality plastic, crafted in America. It is ideal to keep your drinks cold during summer with fresh ice cubes. Furthermore, you can also use it to cool champagne or wine bottles. This model is not safe for the dishwasher. It is still a durable alternative you will find it at a great price.

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3. OXO Good Grips Steel Ice Bucket

A stainless steel ice bucket with utensils.
OXO Good Grips Steel Ice Bucket

Your margaritas and beers will remain chill if you purchase this ice bucket. It features a double-wall stainless steel body that is capable of insulating. This way, your ice cubes won’t melt and the bucket also prevents condensation. The ice bucket comes with a transparent flip-up lid and it can hold more than 4 quarts of ice, so you will see when you are out of ice. The rubberized base keeps the bucket in place.

4. Godinger Dublin Crystal Ice Bucket

Purple flowers
Godinger Dublin Crystal Ice Bucket

This stylish ice bucket is of top quality. It has a crystal construction that features incredible decorative patterns. Furthermore, reviews indicate that it is easy to maintain and clean. This is not just an ice bucket but a piece of décor, perfectly complimenting your cutlery and your entire kitchen. However, you should know that it provides a small capacity.

5. Artland Oasis Ice Bucket

A metal ice bucket with a spatula and shovel.
Artland Oasis Ice Bucket

This ice bucket has a special design. It is an excellent product that offers a vintage look to your kitchen counter. It features a galvanized finish, giving it a rustic look. This ice bucket has two handles on the sides. Furthermore, it also has hook for the ice scoop to make it easier for you to use it. To prevent the ice chips from melting, this ice bucket has a matching lid. Its size it’s average and you can easily fit two bottles of wine.

6. Bormioli Rocco Dedalo Ice Bucket with Tongs

A handle-equipped ice bucket.
Bormioli Rocco Dedalo Ice Bucket with Tongs

Bormioli Rocco Dedalo is an exquisite model, made of glass that you can find at an incredible price. The ice bucket has a simple design, featuring two side hooks. The distinctive pattern makes it look elegant. It has thick walls meant to prevent your ice cubes from melting. Furthermore, it has its own spiked tongs. Since it is a glass bucket, it is dishwasher safe. Unfortunately, it does not have a lid, but you can always purchase one that suits.

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This summer, all guests from family dinners or parties in the garden will be delighted to sip on cold drinks. To fulfill their wish, you will need a good ice bucket that can maintain the ice cold for a longer period. Check the price and its feature and choose quality to save up money in the long run.

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