Important Steps to Control Rodents Off Your Property

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Description: Efficiently controlling rodents off your property by observing a brown mouse peeking out of a hole in a wall.

Rodents are very destructive. A rodent infestation will leave holes in your cardboard, clothes, broken wiring, and sometimes they spread diseases. Interestingly they scare the wits out of some human, and you surely don’t want to wake everybody deep at night with your screams. Here are some tips for rodent control.

How to Control Rodents

Here are a few steps to take and destroying these troublesome pests,

Don’t Feed the Rodents

Clear the household of all food materials. Rodents love food which is why they infest homes. Rodent food comes in many ways, especially when food particles lying around. 

Observe the following rodent control measures;

Keep garbage bins tightly closed all the time and ensure they are emptied as frequently as possible. 

Do not store food items in garages or somewhere rodents can easily access them. Kindly wrap food items in rodent-proof materials before storing them in the basement if you must.

Rodents love feasting on pet droppings and snails. Remove the droppings as soon as possible and take snail control measures.

Sweep away unconsumed grain remnants after you have fed your birds and they have had their fill.

Mop any water that has leaked accidentally as fast as possible. Get a plumber to fix leaking piping such as water taps and sprinklers to avoid watering the rodents. Dry any still water puddles and keep water containers tightly sealed at all times.

Eliminate the Rodents

You will have to take quite drastic measures of eliminating the rodents if the house is already infested. Mice traps are the safest option due to the risks involved within the house. Since there are children and pets, you don’t want to leave any foodstuffs that contain poison around the home. Additionally, the rodents tend to die far away from the poison areas, probably between walls and the ceiling. It becomes quite difficult to reach such places, and the foul smell of the rotting mice makes the house inhabitable.

There are many types of rodent traps, so you should consult a professional to know what will work for you. Rodent traps hold the rats and mice until you come and empty them. Snap traps instantly kill these pests but be sure to keep them far away from pets and children.

Destroy their Haven and Nesting Areas

Don’t shelter rodents. Destroy all possible and potential hideouts in and outside the home. It is also advisable to seal all openings they may use to get into the house. Follow these steps rodent control steps;

The first step is clearing or thinning all vegetation around the house, be it flowers or any ornamental plants.

Avoid stacking wood or lumber near the rodents’ reach. Put the poles and firewood on raised platforms around twenty inches above the ground. Also, the stack should not be near walls.

Get rid of any trash, such as empty cans that may act as rodent nests.

Prune overhanging trees from the roof.

Seal any openings around 1/4 inch that rodents can use to gain access into the house.

How to Rodentproof your Home

The main trick here is to block the entry of these rodents. There are many openings, such as vent pipes, unsealed areas between the roof and the chimney, and attic vents. These gaps should be fitted with screens made of galvanized cloth materials and should be 1/4 inch thick. Gaps left during electrical wiring, and water piping should be filled to keep mice away. Rodents can also pass through huge cracks and crevices between the walls and doors or windows. Ensure they are sealed.

Rats nest in sewers sometimes. Repairing broken sewers and sealing open sewers will discourage mice’s migration from their main nest in the sewer to your house. Rats love gnawing on wood, so wooden doors or ground fittings should be rodent-proofed by hammering metal sheets on the lower part.

Go for Rodent Discouraging Plants

Some homeowners love gardening. While this is a pleasant hobby, it is also one way of rearing rats in your compound. You can solve this problem by replacing bushes and shrubs with plants that discourage rodent nesting.

These plants should provide thin ground cover, not be climbers, be bushy, and not produce fruits.


The secret to rodent control is eliminating all food sources, water and destroying every potential nesting place. Rodent-proofing your home is a good idea, and if the house is already infested, mice traps will come in handy.

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