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You might envy the life your friend enjoys in a foreign land, but do you know the struggle they went through before they finally settled? Moving abroad is akin to starting your life over. It is exciting yet at the same time exhausting – unless you know someone who can offer you practical advice and help.

Sadly, only 10 percent of Americans have a valid passport which means a majority has never even traveled abroad. It is no surprise that you can’t find anyone with the right knowledge and expertise. All they have to offer is a recommendation about the right packaging boxes and material. But to avoid the last-minute hassle and unnecessary stress, you need a proper walk-through.

Here are a few useful tips that will make your international moving experience happy and hassle-free.

Don’t Procrastinate on the Paperwork

Moving aboard requires more paperwork than just going for a vacation. Papers from your own country, papers from the country you are traveling to, papers from your company, papers from the insurance providers, and papers for the family – it can take weeks and even months. From the embassies to airport authorities, and from the travel agent to your international moving company, everyone will ask for relevant documents.

So, make sure obtaining and organizing necessary documents is the first thing on your to-do list. Create a binder to keep all the papers together in case you need any of it anytime. Once you have all the papers, create digital copies and store on a USB or hard disk as well.

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Get Everyone Vaccinated

International moving experience is often ruined by unexpected infections and illnesses. Our immune system tends to get used to a certain environment. If you don’t travel a lot, your system may not be strong enough to fight the ailments of the foreign lands. It is why you should get all your vaccinations done before leaving your homeland. It doesn’t matter whether you are going, precautionary measures will save you a lot of trouble.
Many countries wouldn’t even let you leave the airport unless you have certain vaccinations. Make sure you are aware of any such policy at the time of your move. Also, keep the prescription of all your medications with you.

Leave without the Little Things

Except for a few products you can’t live without, it is best to leave all your personal care stuff such as shampoos and soaps behind. Don’t pack a dozen of these products. It may be a feasible idea for short-term travel but when you are moving permanently or for a longer period of time, there are far more important items to pack.

Remember, your skin and hair will change due to the change in the climate. The products that work for you in your country may not work in your new country. It is better to explore their local products and change your personal care routine based on your skin and hair react to the change.

Same goes for your clothing items. Do not pack everything you own. In fact, it is best to pack just a few essentials. You will have to revamp your wardrobe according to the weather in your new country.

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Leave the Heavyweights as Well

Now, moving on to the heavier items in your inventory. This can include all your furniture, machinery, and vehicles. It is interesting to note that the cost of living is slightly lower in other parts of the world as compared to the US. Sometimes you can buy new and better furniture in another country for less than the amount you earn from selling the old one. Add the shipping cost that you save and you will have plenty of money to buy more items. So, when deciding on whether you should take your furniture with you or not, the calculation will depend on the currency exchange rates and the comparative cost of living.

Same goes for your vehicles. People might tell you that it is not practical to ship your vehicle to another country but a personal mode of transport will be one of the necessities of a country you just moved in. You will have to take care of a lot of things and visit a number of places. Not every country has foreigner friendly public transport systems. However, you will have to determine whether it will cost less to ship your vehicle or to buy a new one.

Finally: Trust Your International Movers

It helps to hire the services of an international moving company with a commendable reach and reputation. A reliable moving company is a godsend. They can provide you a number of helpful services including storage and shipping. You can count on their experience and expertise to facilitate your moving and packing decisions.

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They obviously know more about the destination than you do, and a brief consultation session can clear a lot of confusion.

So, the key to smooth international moving experience is planning. Make well-informed decisions from the day one and follow a comprehensive relocation checklist. You will then settle in the foreign land without much struggle.

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