Is Your Building’s Roof Leaking?

A woman holding two buckets in her living room with a roof leaking.

The fall is here and disaster lands with it. Your property roof are leaking. You realized it when it is raining. No doubt, this situation can be catastrophic and feel like a curse at times. It can lead to huge damages to your property and wallet. 

In particular, when the issue happens on your commercial property, the cost of damage settlement can be huge. You will need to compensate the occupants for any loss they incur due to the roof leakage. Prior inspections can help you save the situation before it becomes a disaster. So, what next after noticing a roof leakage on your property? Here are some steps to consider:

Clear the affected room

The first step when you notice a roof leak is clearing the space. You need to remove all items in the leaking area to save them from water damages. If it is impossible to move them, get a plastic bag or tarp and cover them. 

When the property is commercial and has other staff, it is essential to get them out of the room. Water can lead to other unexpected emergencies. So, ensuring everyone’s safety should be your utmost priority. 

Identify the leaking area and place some buckets

When the room is clear, get some buckets and place them on the leaking spots. Ensure their position is directly below the leak. This will ensure no water flows out to the floor. You should have more than one bucket when the leak is letting huge amount of water in. 

Also, you can have someone by your side to help you empty them faster. If you find some water already got to the floor, mop them as soon as possible. Dry the space with a fan to avoid mold growth.   

Check out for the cause of the leak

Now, you have contained the leak. It is time to identify the causes. A leak on your roof can occur due to a series of reasons. The issue can be due to an old age roof, poor roofing, or missing shingle. Also, it can happen due to blocked roof gutters and water ways. 

Assessing the cause of roof leaks can be a good way to determine the best option to handle the issue. For instance, when blocked gutters is the reason, you can simply unblock them by yourself. This would not be the case if old age is the cause. Knowing the main cause will help you save some money on repair or fixation.

Assess your roof warranty

When the old age roof is not the cause, you might benefit from the roof warranty of your property. Check if the warranty is still valid. You can consult your commercial roofing contractor in Texas for clarification. 

If the warranty is still operational, your can reach out to the provider for fixation without any costs.  When the case is otherwise, you will plan what to do next. So, it is essential to consider this aspect to save your money.

Determine if there are other leaks

The noticeable leak might not be the only issue in your property. Other small leaks might be present. You can hardly identify them without critical assessment. Try to check them via your ceiling and determine whether you can notice some drop lets. 

Mark any leak you came along. You can also consider working with a roofing inspection expert on this process. This way, you will save yourself from potential issues in the long run and have information to determine whether repairing or replacing your roof is the best solution. 

Contact a professional

Sometimes, roof leaks can be hard to fix by yourself. You might not have the tools and expertise needed to handle the issue. Here is where professionalism steps in. contacting a roofing professional will help you get better results and save your time. The experts will also assess the possibility of future leaks.   

Also, working with a roof leak professional can help you get essential advice on preventing the issue. When looking for one, consider their level of expertise and experience. Plus ensure they have the right teams and equipment for handling the job. This way, you can have a guarantee of credible and reliable results.

In a word, tiny leaks may not feel like a big deal. It will have little impact and sometimes you might think it is a short term problem that will fade away soon. But, failing to fix the issue can turn catastrophic. It will lead to structural damages and fasten mold growth. So, ensure you take the necessary steps before things get out of hand.

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