Kitchen Tile Flooring: Why Wood Look Tile is Trending

A white kitchen with green cabinets and a green island featuring tile flooring.

Create a back to the future environment in your cooking space by choosing wood-look tiles for the kitchen that is both practical and looks pretty cool.

That’s the funny thing about design trends – an item that is cool today may not be as trendy the next day. Give it a few years, and the same pattern or design, albeit in a different material, comes back as the trendiest thing ever again. This particular characteristic is more frequent in interior decor and often translated into flooring materials.

Modernizing the kitchen, on the other hand, has its very own proposition to think of. It’s no longer the area tucked away from the view, and thus, requires to fulfill certain aesthetic criteria on top of the usual functionalities. The latest trend dictates it to be some wood-look tiles for the kitchen whether it’s floors, countertops, or backsplashes.

Want to know more before you finalize your decision about using wood-look tiles in your kitchen? Just read on below.

Designs Where Old Meets the New

It’s always a thrill to reinvent an old trend and turn it into something trendy. Wood-look tiles do exactly that. On one hand, they look and feel exactly like natural timber and woods, creating natural textures and patterns ideal for a warm kitchen environment.

The newness here comes from the material used to recreate such natural patterns, which are porcelain stoneware materials. Thanks to this ingenious combo, it’s now possible to find wood-look tiles with different finishes – glossy, matt, soft, etc.

Practicalities of Porcelain Stoneware

As mentioned before, the kitchen requires flooring solutions that can withstand the rigors of the modern kitchen. Porcelain stoneware tiles are virtually perfect in this regard, offering long-lasting durability with protection against stains, fire, accidental breakage, humidity, sudden changes in temperature, etc. These features also make them greatly versatile – allowing you to install the same materials in multiple places.

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These floor tiles are also strongly resistant to scratches, wear, and tears. So, the next time your children pull their bikes on it or the dogs create mayhem in the kitchen, you know your porcelain tiles would keep up and look anew.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

There is no getting around regularly having to clean your kitchen floors and walls. After all, this is a place where cooking and cleaning is done. Thankfully, wood-look tiles for the kitchen that are made of porcelain stoneware materials are compatible with most available cleaning liquids.

Resistant to stains, you can clean your trendy kitchen tiles with a swipe of your cleaning brush and just some soapy waters. They also don’t bend too easily, removing the need for regular sealing.

Final Words

Porcelain stoneware tiles that look like wood are perfect to bring a breath of fresh air into your cooking area. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and patterns; offering numerous composition choices to make your kitchen truly your own. Make sure to choose high-quality floor tiles though.

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