Six Tips to Declutter Living Room Everyday For Chic Look

A bed in a room with vibrant wallpaper decor.

Instead to declutter living room, we are transforming the space into a messy den are quite high as it doubles up as a movie theatre, entertainment area, sports bar, playground and dining room.

With so much going on here, it is only possible to maintain order if you have a plan. For this reason, you need all the help available to create a functional living room space.  That help is right here.

Asian woman disinfecting the living room with a mop.

House Keys

A bunch of keys on a desk.

Identify a specific place in your living room where you put your house key, car key or office key every time you step into the house. This makes it easier to retrieve them when you need them.

Storage Furniture

A decluttered living room with a painting on the wall.

Invest in furniture that has storage space. This way you can keep the things you frequently use in this storage space rather leaving them lying around on the couch or the table. Here, you can store your T.V remote, gaming accessories, headphone and a phone charger among others.

Create Zones

A decluttered living room.

Create different zones in your living room. For example, you may have a toy zone, study zone or TV zone. These zones should be opposite each other with all the things associated with each in its specific area to declutter living room.


A living room with bookshelves and a vegetable garden.

A bookshelf helps you store your books, magazines, newspapers and any other paper works that you have. Develop a habit of returning any book or magazine once you finish reading on the shelf.

Paper Racks

A decluttered desk with a plant and a lamp.

Only retrieve your paperwork when you are ready to work on them. Otherwise, leave them on the “action trey”. If you are working on them, once you finish, place them in the “complete tray”. The same goes for bills.

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Declutter Everyday

A decluttered living room with white furniture.

Schedule a specific time every day to tidy up. In case things are not in their storage spaces, put them back. Maintain this routine to ensure everything is where it’s supposed to be.

Making these tips part of your everyday routine will help you get used to the idea. It makes your work easier and maintains a tidy environment throughout the year.

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