The Best Services to Handle Jobs Around the House

A baby and dog are together on the floor.

Keeping a home takes a lot of maintenance. Sure, there is the weekly chores like sweeping the floors and the matters of style like painting a wall, but some things are simply too big or too involved to handle on your own.

These are the situations where you might need a service to handle the ins and outs. Read on for our recommendations of situations where you might need to call “The Man” to get it done.

Carpet cleaning

Carpets are notoriously difficult to keep clean. You have everyone trekking over them tracking dirt whether they’ve left their shoes at the door or not, pets that consider it their bed, and the occasional coffee or wine lost to the fibers.

But it’s best to keep them clean. Not only will you restore that once white carpet back to its former glory and away from the dull grey colour it currently is, but a lot of dust and allergens can get caught in the fibers.

Hoovering will only do so much there. A deep carpet clean by a service will allow you to enjoy a clean carpet that the little one can crawl around on, and you can feel free to sink your toes into, without the hard work it would take to do it alone.

Gutter cleaning

Cleaning your gutters is more a problem of safety than aesthetics. They should actually be cleaned at least once a year to avoid any negative consequences to your home. Dry and falling autumn leaves clogging up the gutters can spark to life from a nearby barbeque or fire pit, and soaked leaves, moss, growing plants and more can clog up your drainage system, leading to flooding in your home.

Unfortunately, it’s likely you’re going to need a gutter cleaning service. Often, sweeping a few leaves away at the top isn’t enough and you will need a professional to have a deep rummage in the pipes to ensure the entire pipe is clear of debris.


Unfortunately, no matter where you live, there is always a chance of some creature trying to get into your home. These can range from the bugs looking to steal food from the counter, chewing up upholstery and clothing, to the nearby rodents gnawing through cables and insulation.

They might look harmless, although they can feel dirty, but they can also cause a lot of damage. Rodents chewing cables, for example, can cause you to need to rewire your home, and might even cause a fire. On the other hand, bugs might have a negative effect on your personal health. If you find yourself itching at bites you might be at risk of some illnesses spread by bugs.

Hiring a pest control service will allow you to gain peace of mind by nipping the problem in the bud. There are only so many swats with a rolled up newspaper you can take before you realise the problem requires something more.

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