The Complete Guide to Bird Net Installation and Why You Need One

Protecting the garden is the number 1 priority of every landscaper, gardener, and horticulturist. There are several economical methods to prevent birds from perching into your garden. Yet, bird netting is the most convenient and effective way to fend them off without wounding or killing them. A bird net is not strenuous to install, which is why many gardeners use this rather than hazardous chemicals or pesticides. 

There are other specific reasons why gardeners choose bird netting. One reason is that bird spikes can’t be utilized to cover areas that are too huge, while bird netting covers all parts that encompass your garden. Additionally, a bird net is a mesh that is fire resistant and will surely last for years. Indeed, this kind of method is practical since a bird net does not harm the birds and your harvest and crops.

 If you want to learn the step-by-step bird netting installation, keep reading this guide. But before will go through the steps, let us first know the actual meaning of a bird net and how it would protect your garden if in case a flock of bird will intentionally swarm on it.

What is a Bird Net?

A bird net is a regular mesh covering or wrapping a garden area. Bird nets come in a variety of sizes and shapes. These are made of durable, top-quality materials. Some bird nets are thought to last up to seven years. With proper installation and handling, bird nets provide weather conditions and could certainly last to powerful winds. 

Moreover, a bird net is made up of twisted and knotted high-density polyethylene rope creating a solid and impenetrable bird barrier that keeps unwanted birds in your area. There are plenty of available hues and colors – black, beige, brown, and milky-white with UV protection embedded in each shade. 

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We conclude that the bird net is not just a regular net. It is a one-of-a-kind net that is a practical, durable, long-lasting, and flammable bird net. Aside from this, the lightweight mesh covers your plants, flowers, harvests, and crops without harming them. Remember that other bird nets contain hazardous chemicals that might kill or rot your plants.

Why You Need a Bird Net Installation

Bird Net installation is quick and uncomplicated. You can do it without hiring some professionals to install it. This multifaceted bird net can cover many infrastructures from its tiny perches to the entire structure’s openings. With proper installation, a bird net would be almost invisible or undetectable. 

How much does bird net installation cost? If you have a small-scale garden, there’s no need to call some professionals to do the job. Yet, if you have a large-scale garden, bird net installation costs $165, including labor, for a 20×20-foot bird net. 20×20 and up the diameter of the net would cost you $300-$500. 

Do you need a permit to install a bird net? Fortunately, you don’t need a government-issued license if you want to install a bird net in your garden. Strictly, your park is situated in your home, and the government has no right to require you a permit to install one. However, other parts of Australia obligate the residents only to have a limit of measurement of their bird nets.

Bird Netting is inhumane. It could not cause any harm to the birds, and it only serves to dissuade them from eating or pecking your crops. Remember that it can also be critical to install the bird net. If not installed properly, it might cause damage to your plants and harvests. So, here are the dos and don’ts that you should note before setting up your bird net.

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How to Install Your Own Bird Net

As I’ve mentioned above, you can successfully install your bird net without the help of experts. Here are the basic steps to install a bird net at home

  •        Decide the possible location where you would set your bird net and measure the net and your garden.

         This is the first step to a successful bird net installation. You need to detect the locations where you’re specific and place your bird net in your garden. After deciding on the area, it is also significant to know the measurements of your bird net and garden. After gathering the installation tools, we will follow the step-by-step procedure to set the bird net in your garden. 

The Step-by-step Procedure

  1. Gather all the needed tools (For Heavy Duty/Lightweight bird net)
    • Hog Ring Pliers
    • Hog Ring Nails
    • Manual Rivet Nut Tool
    • Fixings/Eco Pegs
    • Scissors
  2. Place the bird net on the desired area of your garden.
  3. Pull it and get your Hog Ring Nails and Fixings/Eco Pegs.
  4. Push the nails or eco peg towards the ground.
  5. With your Hog Ring Pliers, tighten up the eco pegs and bird net. You may also use a manual Rivet Nut Tool when dealing with a heavy-duty bird net.
  6. Use a pair of scissors if there is excess mesh. Then, you’re completely done.

The Benefits of Installing Your Own Bird Net

Viola! Just with the essential steps above, you have already installed your bird net. Unlike hiring some experts in the field and spending much money on the installation, why not do it on your own and save a considerable amount of money? Remember to look for better ways to approach life wisely!

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