The Dirt Dev – How Lawn Care Has Become “Smarter” With Technology

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Lawn care can be quite the divisive topic around the water cooler. Some people love it, others hear enough about it at home from the better half. But no matter what side of the fence you are on, there is one thing we can all agree on. Technology has made lawn care a lot smarter and easier. The use of technology comes into many conversations but most probably wouldn’t be about lawn care, however they should be. Lawn care doesn’t have to be the manual grind it use to be. Use these simple ideas to help get technology working for your lawn.

Put the hose down

I can still remember the days of heading out to the lawn every second afternoon at 5.00pm to water the grass. It was a time consuming activity that now a days might qualify for mindfulness. But back then, it was mind numbing and dull. Instead of wasting away 30-60 minutes of your day a few times a week, let technology do the work for you. You will find that irrigation supplies are the smarter way to care for your lawn. From simple set ups to the more complex, irrigation supplies mean you can set and forget.

A sprinkler is spraying water on a lawn.

Allocate when and for how long your water should come on to keep that lawn looking healthy and happy. Depending on your budget, there is sure to be an option to help you take care of lawn in a much smarter way.

Robotic lawn mowers

No. You didn’t misread, robotic lawn mowers are a thing. Similar to robotic vacuum cleaners, these technological advancements are saving people hours of their weekly chores list. Whether you are still using a hand operated mower or a motorised lawn mower, opting for a robotic lawn mower is certain to save you time and effort.

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Robotic lawn mowers use a similar system of sensors to detect which areas of the lawn require mower. All you have to do is set the sensors and parameters, sit back and watch your new best friend get to work.

App solutions

If you don’t want to outlay a large amount of money of a robot friend to take care of your lawn for you, then perhaps you can opt for more of a human friend. There are plenty of app solutions out there which exist to connect homeowners with potential lawn mowers. If you want to take the smarter approach to keeping your lawn kempt then perhaps having a lawn mowing service in your pocket is the way to go. These services are usually quite cheap and depending on the availability can be completed on short notice. Instead of letting your lawn get to jungle like conditions because you can’t be bothered, use your smartphone to take care of your lawn.

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Take the guesswork out

Another amazingly smart way to take care of your lawn is to install an irrigation system which can detect when and how much water your lawn requires. Some systems are even smart enough to calculate the amount of water loss your lawn and plants experience.

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Garden oasis (HGTV)

It then can estimate how much water needs to be replaced and input those settings into your irrigation system. This kind of technology really helps to take the guesswork out of how water to give your lawn and plants. It also means you don’t have to wrestle with the internal guilt of wondering if you watered the plants too much.

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Technology is present in just about every aspect of our lives these days and really does exist to make life easier. But one area that many people rarely think to implement technology is into their lawn care routines. Whether it is a system to help maintain water and nutrients, or simply finding someone or something else to do the lawn mowing. Use these simple ideas and technology solutions to make your lawn care routine a lot smarter.

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