Things you need to know about before choosing LED lighting for your concrete ceiling

A large kitchen with wood cabinets and a skylight for your concrete ceiling.

Popcorn ceilings are slowly fading away into oblivion because of multiple reasons. As they age, they become dirty and develop cracks. Then, cobwebs and dirt are the other things that ruin their appearance. The health risk associated with this kind of ceilings can be another factor why you may show disregard for this material, mainly if it belongs to the era from the 60s to 80s. And when it comes to installing ceiling lights, this can be another area of worry for you. So, if you are sure your home has a popcorn ceiling, you can get in touch with any reputable popcorn ceiling solutions provider for inspecting it for asbestos. If everything is fine, you can go ahead with your home improvement task.

Working on an aging concrete popcorn ceiling can be a massive task in itself. You may choose a small area where you can put the lighting. However, you must realize that scraping or leveling can affect even the nearby region. The person has to be excellent with stucco ceilings. Usually, people remove popcorns from the ceilings and then proceed with the wiring and LED ceiling lighting. But do you need to remove popcorn ceiling? Let’s find this out and other related matters also.

No need to do away with popcorn ceiling

Popcorn ceilings can impart the impeccable 90s charm even in combination with LED light fixtures. Since removing popcorns can be messy and expensive, you can look for solutions like stretch ceiling installation that can cover the existing ceiling, ensuring a smooth finish and fantastic design. It can also improve acoustics. Then, you also get rid of long and messy installation processes and associated costs that other procedures might involve.

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LED lighting precedes the stretch ceiling installation

Most of the homeowners get confused about whether LED light fixtures will install first or the stretch ceiling fabric. That’s why you may also come across questions where people ask if they should fix the light first for concrete ceiling or scrape off the popcorn. You can put up the LED lights beforehand only if you don’t want to let go of the popcorn design. Else, it’s better to do it later. The lighting can get damaged due to the use of sponges or scrapers used for eliminating the stucco element. Since you wouldn’t prefer this situation, you should finish off scraping task before installing the LEDs. If you are not a DIY person, then make sure to hire a trustworthy and experienced company for this project. Before stretch ceiling, the LED lights need to get fixed.

Thoughtful use of LED lights for a better interior appeal

You can have specific choices about your bedroom, kid’s room, and guestroom. It is quite natural also. If you also think that recess LED concrete ceiling lighting can be the best things for these areas, then you are quite right about it. Even interior designers recommend this. Typically, these lights tend to be about 1/4th to ½ inch thick. These can install easily behind the stretch ceilings. Plus, you get excellent options in colors and designs to create the kind of look you desire. In areas like a living room, you can go with a backlit ceiling, a sort of art installation to make your guests go gaga over your selection. However, remember that this lighting installation requires excellent engineering and implementation to create a sought-after design impact. So, make sure your contractor knows how to handle this task well.

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As far as kitchen and bathroom go, you can again depend on recessed LED lights with stretch ceiling systems. Both these places witness lots of moisture, and the layer of the stretch ceiling can ensure that your wires are safe from it.

Choosing proper lighting conditions is the key

Based on the interior decoration of your room, you can select between chandeliers or recess lights to increase its aesthetic value. Along with this, you have to be conscious of the choice of brightness and power of the lighting installations. Hence, before selecting any particular pattern or color for your room, it would be best if you speak to the ceiling manufacturer about the suitable lighting choices. It can eventually help you protect your investment. Also, you can look forward to enjoying a sustainable and durable solution.

Concrete ceilings are present in most of the homes. But with them, you cannot experiment with designs that feature recessed LED lighting and pendant lights. Hence, as an alternative, you can lean towards stretch ceilings. You can remodel your home to incorporate this new ceiling so that you can explore the option of LED lighting solutions without any hesitation. Since building committees may not give you approval for installing lights in concrete ceilings and also these ceilings can be a challenge in themselves, you don’t need to feel bad. You can opt for stretch ceilings so that you can replace your old lights with the beautiful and revolutionary lighting fixtures.

So, what are you waiting for now? LED lights attract lots of praise for being energy-efficient. As per some surveys, these lighting systems consume about 85% lower energy than regular bulbs and 30% lower than CFLs. If you are using a halogen lamp of 35 watts, you can replace it with a 3-4 watt LED bulb to get a better impact. In essence, you can expect to reduce your energy bill with this lighting solution for sure.

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Anyway, like any other situation, a lot of things depend on the correct installation and quality of the product. If you don’t want to lose in this area, then be careful with the choice of contractor. Only an experienced and reliable professional team can offer you the best products and services for a price that won’t pinch you. Plus, you can leave the task to them and relax. Once everything gets over, you can inspect if they did a satisfying job or not.

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