Things You Need to Take Your Painting Profession to the Next Level

A paint brush used by a professional painter.

If you have a painting business and are focused on doing jobs for residential housing, you likely are using basic tools and methods. This includes paint brushes and rollers for indoor work and perhaps a simple spray gun equipment for the outdoors. However, there are many opportunities for work available in the commercial sector. Businesses going through an extensive remodeling project are one example. There are also opportunities with high-end homes that require better painting techniques and equipment that you don’t currently have. The following are painting materials and a few pieces of equipment that you should consider buying, so you can take your paining business to the next level.  

A professional painter is painting a wall.

Protective clothing

You need to have specially designed protective clothing to go to the next level of professional painting work. This type of clothing covers your entire body and prevents you from getting paint on yourself, but it also prevents lint and other particles from getting onto the surface you are painting. This is particularly important for indoor jobs. It’s not enough to simply wear old clothing while you paint because you want your final product to be free of anything but the paint that you have applied. This type of clothing is light weight, so you can wear it all day long and stay cool. No professional painter who is involved with high quality, indoor painting work would be without this type of attire.  

A plastic sheeting pole

This is a must have piece of equipment. With this pole, you will be able to clip on protective plastic sheeting and create a barrier from the room you are working in and the rest of the building. It is essential that this be done. Whether it is a large residential home, or a business, you cannot afford to allow any paint or other contaminants to escape your work area and get on your customer’s items. This shows an extreme lack of professionalism. You will need to buy a sheeting pole, and spend time learning how to use it.

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An empty room with yellow paint and a ladder in a painting profession setting.

Better spray painting equipment

The simple type of spray paint system you are using on the exterior of a home simply will not do for high quality, professional work indoors. You will need to buy a more elaborate setup than you have now that includes a variety of nozzles, and with the capability of applying other materials besides outdoor house paint. There may be requirements for lacquer or stain. This may not be for a drywall surface, but you may need to paint on surfaces you haven’t done much work with before. The key to success will be having the right equipment.

Much of the materials and equipment you will need to go to that next level as a painter may not be available at your local hardware store, so you should seek out a distributor that carries professional equipment and supplies.                

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