Why You Should Add Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification to Your Resume?

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If you are interested to add the Six Sigma accreditation to your resume and you don’t know where to start, then the Yellow Belt certification is the first step you should take. This credential is ideal for any candidate who has a beginner role and a small interest in Six Sigma accreditations. An ExamLabs entry-level employee can benefit a lot from this cert as it is the first step towards building a successful career as a manager or executive champion.

The great thing about this badge is that it doesn’t require any previous specialized education in IT or past professional experience. So, if you are not sure whether a career in IT is the right choice for you, starting with the exam for the Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification is the best decision. The preparation process for it will help you determine if you really like this domain or you should shift your Certbolt.com attention towards something else. This article will help you understand more about the necessary assessment to obtain this credential and the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t think twice before adding it to your resume. So, keep reading this article and get ready for studying.

Yellow Belt Test Details

Learning everything about Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification technologies and features will help you build a successful career and improve your analytical and IT skills. And this is where the Yellow Belt can help you. This badge can be earned by passing one exam and will equip you with the basic knowledge of the Six Sigma quality improvement technique and with it you will be able to take part in the related projects. According to the Council for Six Sigma Certification official website, the Yellow Belt assessment requires no prerequisites and will cost you Certbolt – Website URL Here . In the main exam, you will have to complete 50 multiple choice questions with 70% as a passing score. The good thing is that you will have 3 attempts for doing your test and the badge that you will get will never expire. So, what not bother and acquire the Yellow Belt cert now?

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Why You Should Take the Relevant Exam for Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Thus, we have created this part to stimulate you to study hard and do everything you can to get a good passing score in your assessment from the first attempt. Below you can find a list with the most important reasons that will convince you to add the Six Sigma Yellow Belt badge to your resume:

  • The Yellow Belt accreditation is an excellent resume builder. If you succeed to add this credential to your curriculum vitae, you show to employers that you are a dedicated person who has invested his/her personal time to learn everything about DMAIC features and processes. Also, it will be clear that you are interested in growing your career and you use your free time to stay updated with the latest technologies and trends. Employers give higher chances to those candidates who know how to manage their time and use it wisely. Thus, they will always prefer a candidate who has the Yellow Belt certification in their presentation and trust this kind of person as being highly skilled.
  • You will Certbolt Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam become a valuable asset for many companies from different industries. The Six Sigma technology is used in many domains. For example, you will find it in aerospace, telecom, or electronics, as well as HR, IT, or marketing. So, if you are passionate about a certain subject and you also want to know how to simplify processes using updated technology, then Six Sigma is the right choice. The Yellow Belt cert can be used in many domains to simplify and improve business processes, reduce the company’s costs, and increase revenues. So, this accreditation will allow you to position yourself as a valuable employee for any international company that needs a specialist to help them improve their processes’ quality and employees’ adherence to new technologies.
  • The Six Sigma Yellow Belt credential can be your winning ticket for a managerial position. Any beginner specialist dreams that one day he/she will take his/her manager’s place. While learning new skills is a great strategy to become a successful manager, you will also need badges that validate your knowledge. So, the Yellow Belt credential is exactly what you need to increase your chances to become a highly appreciated manager one day. Also, you shouldn’t forget that this accreditation is just the beginning.
  • Improved skills bring also a higher salary. Managers know very well that the exam for the Yellow Belt certification is no small feat. You need to be very well-prepared if you want to get the passing score from the first try. Also, evolving from one belt to a more advanced one proves the exam-taker’s perseverance and ambition to become better. So, it is absolutely normal that managers will pay a higher salary to a specialist who manages to become Six Sigma certified. This decision shows their appreciation towards their employee and stimulating him/her to keep studying and continue taking the rest of the exam for the rest of Six Sigma belts. When you are well-paid and you feel that your managers value your work and efforts, your motivation goes to the roof. But what are the salaries offered to Yellow Belt certified individuals? Well, as the Council for Six Sigma Certification claims, such specialists earn $65k yearly while Payscale.com makes this number a little bit bigger, which is $67k annually. So, why not to do everything you can to get the Six Sigma Yellow Belt accreditation and become a globally recognized specialist?
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The importance of the Yellow Belt certification cannot be ignored or underestimated. Each individual should remain competitive and motivated to learn more about Six Sigma technologies. From the employer’s perspective, any specialist who adds this credential under their belt is a valuable asset. Thus, they will do everything they can to motivate such employees and keep them in the company for as long as they can. Thus, if you want to be in a privileged position in the company and earn a competitive salary, you should do everything you can to pass the Six Sigma Yellow Belt exam. All you need to do is to read the vendor’s official materials and carefully check what community forums are saying. Note down all important information and get as ready as you can to pass the necessary assessment. You will see that once you have got your badge, all the stress and sleepless nights spent on learning will be worth the effort.

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