10 Signs It’s Time To Get A New Roof For Your Home

A roof experiencing problems is being re-tiled with slate tiles.

A roof above our head! We all feel thankful when we have it. But we often forget that it is the roof, which is protecting us from natural hazards. It is the roof, which needs to be taken care of, as it encounters everything on its own.

As time passes, the roof starts to leak and get damaged by tolerating all the extreme weather and sunlight constantly throughout the year. So, for you, it should be a priority to understand when it is time to replace your home roof.

Signs It’s Time To Get A New Roof For Your Home 

Earlier, we have explained how our home roof is keeping us safe from all the outside dangers. In order to stay protected and safe from outside hazards, you have to replace your roof when the time comes.

Now the question is how you will know when the time comes?

If your roof is well maintained with the maintenance by reputable local business LOA Construction, but you have to look for several things when you want to take good care of your roof and house.

Let’s check out the things, which will tell you it is time to replace the roof.

Buckled Or Curled Shingles

When your roof reaches a considerate age, the shingles will be buckled or curled. As a result of the moisture in the attic space, the nails push up and out of the roof’s decking buckled shingles might occur.

This problem will leave your house exposed to some of the outside elements. Plus, during a storm, the shingles can blow off. We understand you might not want to live in a home with a roof that can blow off anytime.

Moisture And Mold

If the attic is not vented properly, and also the warm moist air rises, the air can get trapped within the attic. In this case, on the underside of your roof, condensation develops. Eventually, it results in mold growth and rusty nails.

If you leave it unattended for a longer time, gradually, plywood can rot out, so here you will need a roof replacement. As a result of over-insulating, along with old roofs, new roofs also can experience this damaging roof situation.

Ice Dams

On the edge of your roof, if you get huge ice dams or icicles, you might need to replace your roof. In order to stop ice dams, you have to make sure that your home is protected. Here, you will require the below-mentioned things.

  • Ice and water shield.
  • Adequate insulation.
  • Proper ventilation.


Missing Granules

Missing granules is an obvious sign that your roof is significantly losing the weatherproofing property. In order to check missing granules, the best way is to check the gutters for any granule build-up.

Apart from that, also for granules check the downspout splash pan. On the other hand, you also can try shaking it to hear a rattling sound, which is another sign that the granules of your shingles are falling off.

Algae Growth Or Tar Streaking

When the bacteria have eaten away the waterproofing properties of the shingles, Algae growth and tar streaking take place on the shingles. In order to keep the production cost of shingles low, there are several manufacturers who use cheap shingle fillers, such as limestone.

All those Algae do not take much time to eat away all those limestone fillers and cause the black streaking. As a result, you will need to compromise with the weatherproofing properties. So, any kind of Algae growth and tar streaking is the sign your roof needs a replacement.

Missing Shingles

All those missing shingles offer the water a pathway into your house to enter. Isn’t it that simple? Shingles are the main components of the roof. It is the one who is protecting the inner area of the attic and your home.

We understand the last thing you will want is to have water enter your attic. So, you have to make sure that shingles are in proper places. With time, shingles get missing or torn apart and blow out with winds. If this is the scenario, you have to change the roof as soon as possible.

Daylight Coming Through Roof Boards

Daylight coming through the roof boards is the obvious sign that your roof indeed requires a replacement. When the daylight is able to come through, it is also making pathways for moisture to enter the house.

In case you are experiencing light streaking from the decking of the roof, you might have a major problem as it implies that the nails have already fallen through or corrosive materials used, which have lost their weatherproofing properties.

Leaky Chimneys

Your chimney and roof should be flashed property so that your house is sealed aware of the elements. In case, around the chimneys you have water leaking, it is an absolute sign that the chimney has not been properly flashed or it is not performing any longer.

Here, you have to look at whether the roofing contractor has utilized a leak barrier in order to offer protection against leaks, particularly in those vulnerable areas.

Temperature Difference In The Attic

With the outdoor temperature, the temperature of your attic has to be consistent. An attic should always have sufficient ventilation in order to circulate air out and in the attic. This particular ventilation always prevents the formation of ice dams.

As a result of ice dam formation, you might also see signs of peeling or blistering of exterior paint due to not having proper attic ventilation. For removing the excessive heat and moisture, every roof must have a ridge vent, which can save your energy bills and prevent the formation of premature peeling of interior paint.

Excessively High Energy Bills

Energy escaping can be the reason behind the high cooling and heating bills. Here, the role of poor ventilation along with the insulation of your home, specifically in the roof and attic area, plays a huge role.

If you are experiencing a sudden hike in energy bills, it might be the result of a damaged roof. As we have already mentioned, the ventilation of your attic and roof indeed play a significant role in the energy bills of your home and make your home energy efficient.

It’s Time To Get A New Roof

If you are experiencing all these signs and experiencing high energy bills, you should replace the roof without wasting a single day. Choosing the best roofing company will lessen the burden on your shoulders.

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