Surveillance Cameras For Home Security: A Buying Guide

A camera is hanging on the side of a wooden door, serving as a home security surveillance device.

Gone are the days when surveillance cameras were only for important organizations. These were the banks, medical and luxury shops. So, apparently, the only things which were worth protecting were the valuables inside these places.

But, we always forget the most valuable thing on the face of Earth, human life. One understanding this, many security installation companies started insisting on setting up surveillance cameras in the household as well.

This is to protect people from any danger by alerting them beforehand. But, it can also help you retain proof if you have been a victim of such activities. But, there are so many kinds of surveillance cameras, how would we know which one is best suitable for our household?

It is natural for you to have this question, and therefore you should learn everything before getting CCTV for your house. Plus, you can also get some professional help derived from Smith Thompson best practices (click for details).

A Buying Guide For Surveillance Camera

This guide can help you understand your primary needs and what kind of camera can cater to them. If you are planning on getting professional help for the home’s security installation, you can even discuss these with them and get better insights on safeguarding your house.

1. The Proximity

This factor determined how far you would want to see. Generally, cameras that are set inside the house won’t need such high proximity. But, if you are planning to get a surveillance camera for the long driveway outside, you will need a resolution that can cover the whole driveway.

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This is to ensure that suspicious activities are spotted long before, and you have enough time to make a decision when needed: the resolution, the lens, and the night vision comprised the elements that determined this.

The PTZ [Pan Tilt Zoom] Security cameras are best for this purpose. You can maneuver the camera easily according to your need. But there has to be someone on the screen to do that.

However, if connected to wifi, it can operate from the mobile phone.

2. What Time Of The Day

If you are someone more paranoid about the house being empty when you are at work, then a good daytime security camera would be something that strikes your interest. But, if you are staying alone and want to keep an eye on the backyard, then a night vision camera would be your choice.

Sometimes the night can get too dark, and the other times the brightness of the daytime can be unbearable. So you have to ensure that the camera lenses can endure all the harshest conditions.

Fortunately, we have the night and day CCTV camera, which can do justice to both the day and night time. It has a lens that can combat all the harshest light conditions and can provide a 24 hours surveillance for your household.

This is also a great choice when you are planning to leave for a vacation, and the entire perimeter of your house will be considerably dark.

3. When You Want Surveillance For A Larger Area

Houses that have big back or front yards can easily need all the surveillance they can get. Intruders who are pro at what they do can easily detect the blind spots of a normal camera and pass it. Needless to say, you would need 360-degree surveillance for all these places.

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This is why dome-shaped cameras are the best for you. This is one of the most commonly used surveillance cameras used mostly in shops and malls. One more advantage of this camera is the lack of blank spots.

Keeping yourself concealed from this camera would be very difficult for anyone trying to enter the house for suspicious reasons.

4. What Is The Weather Condition?

Harsh weather conditions like heavy wind accompanied by dust, and the people staying in the coldest places with snow and frost might have difficulty capturing every footage. This is when you will need a camera with the strongest lens, which captures a good resolution no matter the weather.

A bullet camera is something that will do justice to this need. It is ideal for all the conditions and both day and night. The installation of this camera is also extremely easy, you can mount this camera in a bracket, and it will work wonders.

It also comes with a variety of lenses. Although, these lenses have to be manually changed for the distance covered and resolution. This can also work day and night since you will need something that covers more distance at night.

5. Want Your Cameras To Send Alerts

This is a smart setting that will not only capture suspicious activity in or around your house but will send a notification alert to your mobile phone.

These are mankind’s genius inventions in the form of motion sensor cameras. These cameras will sense a motion, and since they are connected to the wifi, a notification will be immediately sent to your cellular device.

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In a crisis, this will save some precious time for the homeowners. As they will be able to see the potential threat and the alert, it will give them the time to think and make an informed decision.

It is difficult not to panic at times like this. But, if you have some information, you will be protected from the utter puzzlement and shock of the moment.

Final Note

Surveillance cameras are a great source of home security when it comes to safeguarding your house. You can never go wrong with visual proof of something. The camera also gives this sense of safety to your mind.

No notification from the motion-sensing camera will give you peace at night, especially if you stay alone or with young children who are mostly defenseless.

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