5 Essential Tips for Designing a Front Yard Garden 

A small front yard with a garden.

Who does not love a lush green and beautiful front yard? If your house has one, you probably spend some time every day just reveling in its beauty.

Your home’s front yard is its integral part – something that represents your personality and exudes warmth. However, some people pay little attention to its maintenance. Doing this mars the beauty of their entire house and lends it a shabby look. As per Michigan State University research, an appealing front yard adds 5 to 11% to the home’s perceived value.

If you have been overlooking your front yard’s health for quite some time now, stop now! Go through the tips below to start caring for your garden, and check Yardsurfer.com for more awesome tips and tricks.

Keep it Clutter-Free

Do you think adding numerous plant species enhances the look of your front yard? Maybe it doesn’t. 

Establishing order in your front yard by limiting the variety of plants, shrubs, and trees is crucial. It is appealing to add new plants to your garden often. However, stop yourself from doing that if you want a healthy and clutter-free yard. Plant shrubs and herbs of related species together, and keep trees in another corner. Remember, variety is nothing if you ignore proper arrangement. 

Think out of the box – Think big

Small plants and shrubs are common to every home’s front yard. Give yours a unique look by opting for large trees. 

If your front yard garden is large, you can choose tall evergreen trees. Make sure to opt for species that grow with fanning canopies. This way, you’ll get both better aesthetics and good shade. If possible, plant these trees along your driveway. Doing this will give your home a charming look.

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Surround your mailbox with a garden bed

Enhance your front yard’s look by adding creeping jasmine or your favorite annual flowers around the mailbox. It needs to be the center of attraction. You may also add a simple border of mulch around your mailbox.

Ensure that the mailbox planting area does not possess any underground utility lines or sprinklers. They might get damaged due to the plants. This decorative hack for your front garden is both affordable and stunning. For more oomph, recreate such flower beds near large trees or fountains in your yard.

A mailbox located in a front yard garden.

Make use of rocks, pebbles, and stones

When designing your front yard, never limit yourself to flowers and trees. Adding rock features can be a gorgeous statement. It breaks the monotonous profile of greens and yellows, giving your garden a magical vibe.

Rocks can serve numerous vital functions like preparing a spill away for gutters. They will protect your garden from getting too dirty and muddy, especially during monsoons. Try making a rock bed or adding stones and pebble borders to the walkways. These will also make walking in the garden during rains easier. Rock decorations for your garden are one of the cheapest yet most useful options available. With these, you won’t break your bank even as you transform your garden. 

Add solar-powered lightning

The addition of solar lights is an excellent option for every kind of front yard. There are fewer chances of cutting through wires while you mow or plant because solar lights don’t require extensive wiring. They are also eco-friendly and reduce the risk of electric shocks. 

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Select the best color for the lights depending on the overall style of your front yard. You may also opt for designer solar lights to give your garden a specific theme. Lanterns and integrated solar LEDs enhance the landscape of your garden significantly. 


The tips mentioned above are amazing ways to revamp your front yard garden with minimal effort.  Keep trimming your trees and shrubs regularly to maintain cleanliness. Even the most diverse plant garden can look shabby if not cared for. Hire a gardener if you can’t find time to maintain it yourself.

If you have cooler designing ideas for a front yard, comment them down below.  

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