Creating a Backyard Your Dog is Sure to Love

A schnauzer catching a frisbee in a backyard.

Dogs have the power to bring tremendous joy into our lives. Whether we’re playing with our favorite pooches, taking them on walks or snuggling up on the sofa, many of us would be hard-pressed to think of a dog-based activity that isn’t immensely enjoyable. Unfortunately, many households lack yards that are properly equipped for outdoor play. Since spending time outside is both cathartic and fun for canines, any dog owner with yard space to spare would do well to rectify this mistake. Anyone looking to provide their pooches with the perfect outdoor oasis should consider the following measures. 

Strong Fencing

Any household with canines should invest in dependable dog fencing – especially if you intend to leave them outside unsupervised. Good fencing will ensure that your pooch is able to enjoy themselves outdoors without needing to be checked on every few minutes. If your dog enjoys exploring or has a tendency to run away, strong fencing is absolutely essential. If your backyard currently lacks the proper fencing – or fencing of any kind – simply hop online and search for “fence company near me”. 

Even with fencing in place, some dogs won’t be deterred in their efforts to escape from their yards. Since digging is among their foremost means of escape, you’d do well to nip this problem in the bud. Burying chicken wire beneath the fence or placing rocks along the bottom edge can effectively hinder any jailbreak attempts

Consistent Access to Fresh Water

If your pooch does a fair amount of running around, ready access to fresh water is essential to preventing fatigue and exhaustion. (Even if your dog isn’t particularly energetic, any canine left outside for extended periods needs to be provided with fresh water.) Fortunately, water dispensers for dogs are easy to come by and affordable on any budget. While you’re free to use standard water dishes, water that’s left wide open is liable to attract insects and various forms of debris, ultimately making it less suitable for consumption by your pooch. 

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Additionally, if your buddy enjoys splashing around in water, you may want to consider adding a water feature to your landscaping. A nice splash fountain or stream can help enhance the aesthetic beauty of your yard while providing your pooch with a source of fun. Small ponds and pools are other options, but proceeding with either one, make sure that they’re shallow enough that your dog will comfortably be able to get out if they fall in.     

Shelter from the Sun

As much as some dogs enjoy running around outside during the summer, canines can fall victim to the same heat-related ailments as humans. To help prevent your best friend from being overwhelmed by excessive heat, you’ll need to provide them with a convenient oasis from the sun. In addition to investing in a comfortable doghouse, you should look into adding trees and other plant life that offer ample shade. A good porch awning can also provide your pooch with a safe haven from untenable heat.  

A dog standing in the backyard.

Be Mindful of Your Landscaping

Households with dogs need to be extremely mindful of their landscaping decisions. For example, certain types of plants are dangerous to canines, so before adding new plant life to your yard, confirm that it poses no threat to your pooch. Furthermore, when tending to your grass, don’t use any sprays that contain chemicals that could prove harmful to dogs. 

If you’ve had problems with pests, keep in mind that many baits can be fatal to dogs. Even if you think baits have been well-hidden, just remember how adept dogs can be at sniffing out things you don’t want them to find. 

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To say that most dog breeds require ample exercise would be an understatement. In the absence of proper movement and physical engagement, many canines can become obese, depressed and lazy – and fall victim to the various health issues that arise from these issues. By creating a dog-friendly backyard, you can provide your pooch with the perfect place to have fun, enjoy some fresh air and burn off excess energy. So, if you have an abundance of yard space and lots of love your favorite pooch, there’s no time like the present to get to work.

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